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Dr. Amiya Chaudhry

Senior Lecturer in Science

Staff Profile

Dr. Amiya Chaudhry

Room: C13g


+44 (0) 1978 293421


Dr Amiya Chaudhry received her BSc (Hons) (1998) in Environmental Science and a PhD (2004) in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Sussex. Her PhD, funded by the Atomic Weapons Establishment UK was based on the characterisation and degradation of a typical room temperature vulcanized (RTV) filled foamed poly(dimethyl)siloxane rubber.

In 2004 she was appointed as an associate lecturer at the Open University on a number of technology and science courses. In 2005 she joined the Materials Science Research Centre at Glyndwr University as a knowledge transfer associate on a two-year research project funded by the Department of Trade and Industry and Almetron Ltd.

In 2007 she took a permanent academic position and is now a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is currently a senior lecturer and a programme leader for BSc(Hons) Chemistry with Green Nanotechnology at the university. Her research interests lie in the broad area of polymer degradation and biopolymers and works within two research centres; Centre of Water Soluble Polymers and Advanced Composite Centres.

PhD Polymer Chemistry (Sussex University)

BSc. Hons Environmental Science (Sussex University)

Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Prince2 Practitioner.

BSc Hons Chemistry

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

Module leader for:


  • LND302 Laboratory and Field Skills
  • SCI429 Laboratory Chemical analysis
  • SCI427 Academic Study Skills and Personal Development
  • SCI423 Inorganic and Material Chemistry
  • SCI425 Organic and Biochemistry
  • SCI505 Pollution
  • Sci508 Sustainability and Resource Management
  • SCI525 Research Methods Theory and Practice
  • SCI607 Sustainable Development
  • SCI625 Drugs and Toxicology
  • SCI612 Atmospherics and Climate Change
  • SCI618 Research Methods


C E. Lockhart and A N. Chaudhry, Recycling Used Toner Particles as Stable Pigment Dispersion for Water Based Paint, in Order to Reduce Pressure on Landfill, Journal of Cleaner Production  In preparation.

M. Patel, A.R. Skinner, A. Chaudhry, N.C. Billingham, B. Mahieu, Impact of thermal ageing on the tin catalyst species in room temperature vulcanised polysiloxane rubbers, Polymer Degradation and Stability 2004, 83, 1, 157-161.

A N. Chaudhry and N. C. Billingham, Characterisation and oxidative degradation of a room-temperature vulcanised poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber, Polymer Degradation and Stability 2001, 73, 3, 505-510.

A.N. Chaudhry and N.C. Billingham, Degradation of a foamed poly(dimethylsiloxane), Polymer Preprints, 2001, 42, 346.

Joint PhD supervisor. Thesis topic: Use of advanced scientific techniques; such as laser diffraction and Flow Particle Image Analysis(FPIA)  to more accurately study and measure coastal marine sediment particle size in relation to the habitats the sediment supports.