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Wellbeing in a Changing World

Wellbeing in a Changing World


We are experiencing unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is having serious and far reaching consequences, from people’s health, mental health and wellbeing and global health care systems, to the economy, manufacturing and travel.

In response to this, Glyndwr University is offering a free and accessible online short-course ‘Wellbeing in a Changing World’ to provide helpful information related to the pandemic, and stimulate curiosity about other health, mental health and wellbeing topics.

The course content is designed to be uplifting, open to all learners and reflective of the changing nature of the public health, mental health and wellbeing landscape. The course will run over a 7-week period with all content delivered online via videos, blogs and discussion forums.  Learners can dip into the course as and when they are able and can select what and how much of the content they engage with.  Participation in the online discussion forums will provide learners with the opportunity to achieve 20 credits at Level 4.

What you will study

The course will be run over a 7 week period, covering 2 topics per week.  Learners can select what topics to engage with most depending on their interests.  Topics are:

  • COVID-19: A public health emergency
  • Mental health in times of pandemic
  • The media and health: How to recognise fake news and make informed decisions
  • Your inner Chimp! Exploring the ‘Chimp Model’ and health behaviour
  • A life-course perspective exploring mental health from childhood to later life
  • Social Prescribing: What is it, how does it work and why do we need it?
  • What is happiness and why does it matter for public health?
  • Kindness and wellbeing: How to be altruistic while socially distancing and isolating!?
  • Sow happy: How just one plant can improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • Curriculum for Wales 2022: The new place for health and wellbeing
  • Should climate change be given the same response as COVID-19?

Content will be delivered entirely online and the assessment for this course will be flexible and manageable.


Content will be delivered entirely online via video, blogs and discussion forms combined with directed study and reading.  Students would need to contribute independent study with assessment completed via discussion forums.

Course start dates



20 credits at level 4



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