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Resilience for Health - Online

Resilience for Health - Online



Have you been working with or in stressful situations? 

The workplace is an ever-changing environment though, so stress factors are always going to be present in one form or another – it is how we deal with them that will ultimately make a positive difference to individuals and organisations. This module reflects the need to use a balanced blend of mindfulness and resilience techniques to help you manage change, reduce stress and anxiety and improve working life, to the benefit of both employees and employers. 

In addition, this module is designed to promote mindfulness and resilience to healthcare practitioners as a complementary skill set for promoting health and wellbeing. 

What you will study

This module aims to provide students with the opportunity to: 

  • Learn what mindfulness is to increase their awareness of direct sensory experience (especially through the body) and to understand how this awareness can help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. 
  • Practice responding rather than reacting to stressors and chronic pain through the distinction between primary and secondary experience. 
  • Learn about perceptual and conceptual modes of mind, and to experience more choices regarding thoughts. 
  • Practice meditation as movement. 
  • Learn about the negativity bias and related neuroscience; and the three major emotion systems. 
  • Practice kindness and compassion towards self and others. 
  • Learn about the importance of taking breaks and finding pleasure in life. 
  • To practice working with their pain or difficult thoughts and emotions with compassion and acceptance. 


An online quiz and the production of a personal lifestyle plan.


20 credits at level 4.

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