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Resilience for Health

Resilience for Health


Do you work with those that suffer from long-term health conditions?

Do you or your employees experience stress?

The workplace is an ever-changing environment, though, so stress factors are always going to be present in one form or another – it is how we deal with them that will ultimately make a positive difference to individuals and organisations. This module reflects the need of organisations to teach employees how to use a balanced blend of mindfulness and resilience techniques can help them manage change, reduce stress and anxiety and dramatically improve working life, to the benefit of both employees and employers.

In addition, this module is designed to promote mindfulness and resilience to healthcare practitioners as a complementary skill set for promoting health and wellbeing.

This module aims to provide students with the opportunity to:


  • Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the neuroscience related to thoughts, emotions and behaviour in self and others.
  • Demonstrate how direct sensory experience reduces perceptions of stress, anxiety and physical pain.
  • Demonstrate how modes of mind (doing and being) may contribute to stress and chronic pain, and explore primary and secondary experience impact upon perceived stress and pain. Explore doing and being through moving meditation and in everyday life.
  • Demonstrate compassion for self and others. Explore the importance of self-care through breaks and activities which sustain us, noting activities which drain us and around difficult thoughts and feelings.


What you will study


  • To explore what mindfulness is and exploring how mindfulness helps us to respond rather than react
  • The importance of direct sensory experience to reduce stress relating to life as fluid and changeable
  • Working with thoughts, practising noticing and letting thoughts go
  • Working with difficult experiences
  • Noticing the good things
  • Kindness to self
  • Compassion to others



The following tasks are intended to assess the learning outcomes above:

Part 1 A 200-word online reflective discussion each week between weeks 1 –7.

Part 2  A 10-minute oral presentation on final week to the group.


20 credits at level 4.

Course dates

October 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, 27 5-8pm


Wrexham Campus





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