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Principles of Wound Care

Principles of Wound Care


This is a part-time course for any registered healthcare professional wanting to develop knowledge and skills to enhance wound care in their clinical environment.

This module aims to enable students to build upon their knowledge of wounds in their clinical field and identify the complexity of their management in today’s modern healthcare system. This module will enable students to develop critical thinking when considering wound care options both in the acute and community setting, enhancing their confidence in their ability to provide holistic, individualised care within their professional scope of practice.

  • Online delivery with live and recorded teaching
  • Links current evidence base of wound care to student’s clinical practice/employment
  • Assessment is a wound care training portfolio that can be utilised in clinical practice areas
  • Available to all registered nurses, AHPs and medical staff.
  • Enables students to network with other practitioners in the region to encourage wider communication links.

What you will study

  • Assessment of wounds
  • Wound healing & associated factors
  • Acute Wounds
  • Chronic Wounds
  • Pressure ulcers & prevention
  • Dressing types & choice
  • Challenging & complex wounds
  • Decision-making & safeguarding
  • Associated symptoms (e.g. pain)

This is a part-time stand-alone module aimed at students wishing to gain greater knowledge in the field of wound care. The core elements of wound care will be explored through a variety of teaching styles and outside specialist speakers will be accessed to encourage wider learning. 

Course dates and location

Every Wednesday from 10th March 2021 until Wednesday 19th May 2021
No class Weds 31st March and Weds 7th April 2021
Runs once a year



A wound care training portfolio for a specific clinical environment (3500 words) will include:

  • examining the nature of acute and/or chronic wounds from your specific clinical area,
  • planning effective wound assessment and management of simple and complex wounds,
  • the critical analysis of symptom management,
  • assessing the safeguarding/risks associated with the chosen wound type.

Currently due: Fri 11th June 2021 (TBC)


Level 6, 20 credit stand-alone module. 

Entry requirements

Entry applications are open to students who have Level 5 study or above. This is a part-time course for any registered healthcare professional wanting to develop knowledge and skills to enhance wound care in their clinical environment. 

Career prospects

This module is linked to the employability of registered nurses and AHPs. It is highly relevant to staff working in secondary care (hospitals) and primary/community care settings.

It may also be accessed by community nurses who are considering apply for the District Nursing Programme.


Please contact Jenny Jacobsen for further details:

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Please contact Jenny Jacobsen for further details:

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