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Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction for qualified healthcare practitioners and medics

Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction for qualified healthcare practitioners and medics


If you want to develop your skill in helping people change within a healthcare setting this course is for you. Working with services users can be difficult when people feel one of two ways about making changes. Learning motivational Interviewing can help you to facilitate change in a way that respects a person’s autonomy. It has also been found to reduce practitioner stress or burden. There is an evidence base in healthcare and behaviour change research that tells us the use of MI can help people to make behavioural changes. This course will introduce you to the skills and mind-set that will help you talk to patients who are stuck in making decisions about their health. This course is designed and facilitated in a way that gives you quality MI training and can act as a foundation on which to build future skills, should you wish to continue to develop.

What you will study

Day One 12/04/21 : Introduction to the Module and to reflective practice
Day Two 19/04/21: Introduction to MI: micro skills and the spirit
Day Three 26/04/21: Developing MI skill with formative feedback
Day Four 17/05/21: Use of MI in practice sharing of experiences and summative assessment
Half day Five 07/06/21: Group tutorials


Formative: the provision of feedback on practice of MI conversation
undertaking a pre-recorded simulated role-play assessment online
submitting a reflective essay (1500 words)
Contact hours: 31 – you are expected to practise and reflect upon your use of MI between sessions

Entry requirements

You need to be in a role as a healthcare professional or medic and be able to practise conversational skills between sessions.

You need to have already undertaken Level 6 study

Course dates

12/04/21 online
19/04/21 online
26/04/21 online
17/05/21 online
07/06/21 online


Online (Zoom)



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