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investigating psychology

Investigating Psychology

Are you interested in exploring the mind and investigating psychology? Or are you thinking about possibly studying a degree in Psychology but want a taster of what’s on offer?

This short course has been designed to introduce the variety of research methods used to investigate a range of topics in psychology.

What you will study

Students will be introduced to the major research methods used in psychology (experiments, observations, self-report methods and correlation) through a range of small scale investigations on topics such as memory, problem solving, stereotyping and personality.


Structured Portfolio in which the student must:

a) Describe and evaluate a range of different research methods. For example, students may complete multiple choice quizzes on Moodle and oral presentations to the group. 

b) Report on the design and conduct of small-scale psychological investigations – For example students may work in small groups or individually to either write a short research report or produce a poster.

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