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Introduction to public health & wellbeing

Introduction to public health & wellbeing

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Globalisation, new technologies, and a growing and ageing population can be linked to issues such as climate change, air pollution, loneliness and the pandemic spread of viruses. These developments in society have implications for people’s health, mental health and wellbeing, as well as the functioning of global health systems.

This short course will introduce participants to some of the issues that are presenting challenges to people’s health, mental health and wellbeing in today’s society, as well as individual and community strategies for promoting and improving health, mental health and wellbeing in challenging times. It will also encourage participants to question and consider what a resilient and responsive public health system would look like.

What you will study

This is an accessible and flexible short course, that can be studied completely in participants’ own time if they choose.

The course will be delivered via a ‘blended learning’ approach, where directed study tasks, such as recorded presentations, discussion forums, quizzes, case studies, tasks, workbooks, key readings and reflective activities, will be made available on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) on a weekly basis.

Alongside this, a number of live sessions on Microsoft Teams will be held in order to facilitate informal discussions among participants and support them to progress with their learning. The live Teams sessions will be recorded and made available on the VLE so that participants on the course who cannot attend them can watch them back in their own time.

This will give participants real control and flexibility over how and when their learning occurs, so that they can catch up very easily when inevitably some weeks are busier than others.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Wellbeing in a changing world
  • What is public health?
  • Putting the ‘people’ in public health!
  • Wicked problems: Inequality
  • Wicked problems: Global pandemics
  • Wicked problems: Mental health
  • Wicked problems: Obesity
  • Wicked problems: Legal and illegal substance use
  • Strategies: Social prescribing
  • Strategies: Health education
  • Strategies: Community development
  • Developing a responsive and resilient public health system


There are two assessments for this short course, which will enable participants to explore the topics covered in the course that are of most interest to them.

For assessment 1, participants will be required to engage with a number of discussion forums on key health, mental health and wellbeing challenges and their causes.

For assessment 2, participants will be required to write a reflective essay on potential strategies for promoting and improving health, mental health and wellbeing in challenging times.



Course dates

This course starts on April 14th and will run every Wednesday until June 30th.

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