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Intro to drawing and painting

Introduction to drawing and painting

This is an evening class offering an affordable and enjoyable introduction to drawing and painting.  Class sizes are limited to around 12 participants to encourage an empathetic relationship between you and the tutor. After an introduction to mark making techniques (and an induction to safe handling of materials), you will be able to explore approaches to subjects and compositions to build your knowledge of, and familiarity with a range of materials associated with fine art practice.

What will you study?

This course will introduce you to some of the media commonly employed by artists in their practices. Participants will be encouraged to experiment with materials to find the range and application the materials offer and to develop a level of confidence in their application.  The tutor will offer advice and guidance on the development of work and encourage the intentions or ideas behind your approach to your work to be discussed as the work develops. Through a series of exercises, your understanding of drawing and painting will develop from week to week.

Course duration

10 weeks – 2 hours per week 

Course dates

14th May 2019 6-8pm


Regent Street Applied Arts workshops


The portfolio of work accumulated during the short course can be presented for assessment providing 10 HE credits.





This fee covers attendance and tutorage, including assessment and basic materials.  Additional cost may be incurred if participants choose to work with non-standard materials or at high volume or large format.

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This course is subject to minimum participants and payments will be returned in full if the course does not recruit the minimum cohort.

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