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Introduction to Dog Behaviour and Training

Introduction to Dog Behaviour and Training

Do you have practical experience of handling and caring for dogs and a keen interest in behaviour and training? If so our Introduction to Dog Behaviour and Training short course may be just what you’re looking for!

What you will study

  • Introduction to dog behaviour  Interpreting body language Dominance – a scientific evaluation appropriate socialisation and early training (crating, muzzling, ground rules & boundaries)
  • Introduction to learning theory – associative and non-associative learning processes Key concepts of dog training – techniques, methods, equipment
  • Key terms and definitions – e.g. chaining, back-chaining, reinforcement schedules
  • Training plan development – health and safety, timing, logical steps, factors which may influence a plan.  


  • Online Test - which will include questions relating to the behaviour of canines and their development and dog training terms and their application. This may include but not be limited to interpreting body language, developmental periods, socialisation and factors which may influence behaviour.
  • Training plan - Students will develop and implement a training plan to train a simple behaviour using an appropriate method and technical terms, the plan will include a section on health and safety.

Course start dates

6 weeks in total, 3 hours in the evening 5.30-8.30 and three days over weekends (Sundays)

  • Monday 8th April
  • Monday 15th April
  • Monday 29th April
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Monday 13th May
  • Monday 20th May
  • Sunday 26th May (NCAR)
  • Monday 27th May (Training plan session)
  • Sunday 2nd June (NCAR Training plan Practical) 




All Monday sessions -  Northop Campus

Sunday 5th - Northop Campus

Sunday 26th May – North Clwyd Animal Centre

Sunday 2nd June – North Clwyd Animal Centre



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