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Historical Frontiers: from Hadrian’s Wall to the US-Mexican Border

Historical Frontiers: from Hadrian’s Wall to the US-Mexican Border

In the current political climate discussions around borders and frontiers is becoming ever more topical. Join our course to learn more about how these issues have been discussed and dealt with in the past and how this can help inform our future.

Introducing you to the importance of frontiers and borders from the ancient world to the present day, you will have the chance to consider a series of ‘border’ case studies crossing geographical and chronological space – from Hadrian’s Wall to the US-Mexican border. The intention is to consider the way in which ‘borders’ have had a positive and negative impact on society and culture.

With its emphasis on source evaluation and critical thinking, the module will also act as a platform for anyone thinking of progressing onto the more advanced historical study on our BA (Hons) Social & Cultural History programme.

What will you study?

You will learn about locating frontiers, boundaries and linear barriers in time and place and will have a chance to explore the issues of not only on a local but also international scale.


  • Hadrian’s Wall and Roman frontiers in Britain

  • Offa’s Dyke and Wat’s Dyke: Dark Age frontier works in the Welsh Marches

  • The Great Wall of China: a defended frontier in Asia

  • The Berlin Wall and the US-Mexican Border Fence: modern solutions to an age-old challenge?

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Students will be assessed through a portfolio which willdocument the activities undertaken during the course. These will includeexercises on written sources and analysis of visual and documentary evidence.

The portfolio will also consider contemporary reports of the positive and negative aspects of frontiers and borders.



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