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Future Leaders

Future Leaders

Whether you’re just starting out in your professional career or looking to take the next step up the career ladder, this course will help you build your confidence through a greater understanding of what’s needed from a leader in today’s workplace.

This course will draw on both academic concepts and own experiences to consider areas such as:

-       definitions of leadership
-       leadership styles
-       motivation
-       performance management
-       delegation
-       organisation structures

In addition, the course will encourage candidates to self-reflect on such topics as

-       resilience
-       personal brand
-       different communication styles
-       the ability to reflect on our actions and experiences
-       continued professional development (CPD)

 You are not expected to possess any existing business knowledge, but you will be expected to openly share your ideas and experiences.

What will you study 

The course is broken down into 16 different sessions, to include one assessed session. The materials are introduced in live 2 hour virtual workshops, with the opportunity for further study after each session. While there is the opportunity for workshops to be recorded, the expectation is that delegates will attempt to join all sessions and participate in the discussions.

  Topics covered are as follows: 

  1. Introductory session
  2. Leadership styles
  3. Leadership Philosophies
  4. Motivation
  5. Influencing and Negotiating
  6. Coaching
  7. Performance Management and Delegation
  8. Communication styles
  9. Becoming Change Agile
  10. Organisation Structures and Governance
  11. CPD
  12. Group Assignment
  13. Reflective Practice
  14. Resilience and Confidence
  15. Personal Brand
  16. Close out Session  

Course Dates

Start date is March 9 2021




The course consists of 4 assessed assignments which must be completed in order to receive the credits for the programme. These have been designed to reinforce learning and to help you develop as a professional in your chosen field.

The assignments are as follows:

  1. Group presentation, delivered virtually – 15 minute presentation
  2. Reflective assignment (1000 words, done individually)
  3. Leadership assignment (2000 words, done individually)
  4. Continuous Professional Development Log (1000 words, done individually)

The course requires delegates to attend weekly 2 hour sessions via our online workshops, with online resources provided for additional study.




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From the course leader

“Students get so much more value out of interactive courses where, as well as learning what the research says, they are also asked to reflect on their own experiences. We will be using virtual meeting technology to ensure these perspectives are shared and discussed. While we can’t possibly hope to cover everything needed from leaders on this course, we cover the basics and get students thinking about what their own leadership journey might look like. As a result of this course, previous cohorts have reported higher confidence in both their knowledge of the topic and their knowledge of their own strengths. I hope you experience the same.”

Rachel Hughes Turner, September 2020

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