Contraception, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Sexuality

Contraception, Healthy Relationships
and Healthy Sexuality


The aim of this module is to enable health care and allied professionals / practitioners working with young people to develop knowledge and skills pertaining to the delivery of information relating to relationships, sexual health, sexual diversity and contraception, prescribing contraception by those in a professional position to do so.

What you will study

  • Biopsychosocial aspects of health
  • Theoretical aspects of sexual development, relationships and sexual diversity.
  • Concepts of ‘vulnerable groups’ and child protection issues.
  • Policy, legislation and the law relating to sexual health within varied age groups and cultures, including the law in relation to termination of pregnancy, Fraser competency and confidentiality.
  • Patient Group Directions (PGD)
  • Group Directives
  • Evidence based practice relating to sexually transmitted infections, treatments, various forms of contraception, pregnancy testing and service provision intends
  • Psycho social impact on services users when faced with difficult decision making


You will  be required to write a critically reflective report based upon a ‘critical incident’ from practice and to complete a professional portfolio providing evidence of clinical competency.


Starts Tuesday 31st January 2017 9am - 5pm

Thereafter every Tuesday until 28th March 2017


Funding may be available from Welsh Government for Community nurses.

BCU Health Board - £570
University fees - £1,500

For more information and applying contact Jenny Jacobsen
Tel: 01745 448788 ext 3877 or 01978 293474

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