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Certificate of Continuing Education – Communication and Signposting in practice

Certificate of Continuing Education – Communication and Signposting in practice


This course is designed for those in a front facing health centered role to enable better communication and to promote social signposting within healthcare. You must be in a front-facing healthcare role to be able to study this short course.

What you will study

Session 1: Your role and the context of Health within Wales


  • Wider Health Context
  • The role of the receptionist
  • More Than Medicine – what else is available
  • What matters?
  • Other Health Professionals and what they can offer

Session 2: Social Signposting


  • What is social signposting
  • What are the tools available to you
  • What is out there in the community
  • What is a package of care?
  • What Matters? How this tool can help
  • Scenarios for application

Session 3: Communications essentials


  • Communication styles – coaching/questioning
  • Difficult conversations
  • Reflective listening/mirroring and the basics on NLP
  • Overcoming barriers – fear of change, lack of information
  • What matters?  What questions you can ask and how to add value to your practice

Session 4: Patient Excellence


  • Your own and others’ behaviour and communication preferences
  • How you come across to others
  • The impact and effect of different styles of communication
  • How to communicate effectively with the different elements
  • How adapt your style to motivate, influence and persuade others depending on their elemental preferences


Glyndwr Certificate

Course dates

4 1/2 sessions usually spread over three months.


Various locations


4,000 word experiential statement and report broken down into 4 x 1000 statements to be completed throughout the course.



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