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Ceramics Slip casting

Ceramics Slip Casting

Slip casting is a technique for the batch production of pottery and ceramics, especially for shapes not easily made on a wheel.

In slip casting, a liquid clay body slip is poured into plaster moulds and allowed to form a layer, the cast, on the inside walls of the mould.

The technique is suited to the production of complex shapes, especially if with relief decoration and thin walls. Much modern fine factory porcelain is made by the technique. It is also commonly used for smaller pieces like figurines and teapots.

The tutors have been great and have opened up a whole new world to me. So much so, I have bought myself a wheel and a kiln and I am determined to keep practicing and learning. The course has been especially important as it did take a lot for me to actually enrol in the first instance. There is still so much I need to learn and would love to take another course. As I said earlier, the staff have been great and I have made some new friends which is lovely. Julie Vaughn-Roberts, Ceramics student

What will you study?

The  course will cover the basics of slip casting which will include:

  • Understanding plaster  - sample mix and demo
  • Setting up 20cm square max objects, undercuts, spares
  • Finishing moulds, adding spares, mixing casting slip
  • Casting and fettling
  • Sharing moulds casting items

Course duration

6 weeks – 3 hours per week 

Course dates



Regent Street, Applied Arts workshops


The portfolio of work accumulated during the short course can be presented for assessment providing 10 HE credits.





This fee covers attendance and tutorage, including assessment and basic materials.  Additional cost may be incurred if participants choose to work with non-standard materials or at high volume or large format.

To book 

To register your interest, please complete this form.

This course is subject to minimum participants and payments will be returned in full if the course does not recruit the minimum cohort.

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