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Advanced Introduction into Football Refereeing Advanced Referee Award – Accredited Course

Advanced Introduction into Football Refereeing (Advanced Referee Award – Accredited Course)

Become a fully qualified referee by taking this course, written by experts at the FAW and gain 20 university credits with Wrexham Glyndwr University!

Work your way through the 17 Laws of the Game by watching real-life scenarios, answering quizzes and taking part in discussions.

After you’ve completed the distance learning components you’ll then showcase your knowledge within an online exam.

Once you’ve passed that you’ll be invited to a face-to-face contact day at either Wrexham Glyndwr University or Colliers Park, here you’ll meet your local area refereeing representatives and have the chance to ask any pressing questions. You’ll need to attend this session to qualify as a referee so attendance is key.

What you will study

Within the module, students will explore the laws of the game, the role and responsibilities of a football referee and also decision making.  


Exam: After you’ve completed the 5 online sections you’ll be given the opportunity to showcase your knowledge by taking part in an online exam. The exam will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge regarding the role of a referee, fouls & misconduct and laws 1 to 17 of football. You will be subjected to some short live play clips whereby you will have to make the decision as the referee based on what occurs in the clip.

Course start dates

Online content will be available to students once you have enrolled on the course.

Face to face contact will take place on the 26th July 2019.

On-going tutorials will take place 2 weeks post contact and will be arranged directly with students as per their availability. Course duration is 10 weeks.


20 credits / FAW Advanced Referee Award 


Wrexham Campus/Colliers Park (tbc)



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