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Open Evening
Chartered </br>Institute 
of Marketing

Institute of Marketing

1YR (PT)

Overview of the programme

In an age where marketing channels can evolve on a daily basis, having the fundamental skills to interpret and harness them for maximum results is key for any business.


As the method by which a service's quality and usefulness is transmitted to potential customers, it's vital that people and organisations grasp marketing's importance for supporting long-term success.


The CIM is the leading international marketing and sales body with members worldwide. The institute exists to develop and maintain the professional standards whilst improving the skills of marketing and sales practitioners. The marketing qualifications we offer open and will make a real difference to your career, whether you are a student, marketing assistant or responsible for an entire marketing department.


Qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) provide people with a responsibility for marketing with the essential skills, concepts ad theories required to run successful, contemporary campaigns.


Our students come from a wide variety of business backgrounds such as the public sector, telecommunications, agriculture, leisure, tourism, food, transport, manufacturing and financial services.  Some are currently studying for degrees or postgraduate awards but recognise the competitive edge a professional qualification gives them.  Others may be thinking about or just starting a career in sales or marketing and not have any formal qualifications, but want to arm themselves with the marketing skills that will help them achieve their professional development goals.