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open day Activities & Subject Talks

Open Day Activities & Subject Talks

Our next open day will be held on Saturday, February 29, 2020, during which there will be lots of activities and subject talks throughout the day.

Academic staff will be available in the sports hall from 10am to 2pm along with our Enquiries and Admissions, Student Funding and Welfare Support teams. From here you will also be able to find out about our subject talks and activities that are taking place throughout the day.

The subject talks and activities are a great opportunity to see what it's like to be a student here at Wrexham Glyndwr and also a chance for you to ask questions about our courses. 

Below is a list of the typical talks and activities that will be available at our open days*. Click a title to see talks from each department or scroll down to see all events.

*Please note that activities may differ to those listed below, please check this page again for updates about our February open day activities.

VC Coffee and Conversation 

Animal Studies

Art & Media


Criminology & Policing

Health & Psychology


Science, Technology & Engineering



Coffee and Conversation with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Maria Hinfelaar and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Claire Taylor 

The Gallery, 10.45am

Join Wrexham Glynd┼Ár University's Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for a coffee and an informal chat about the university. Everyone welcome! 



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Animal unit and equine facility tour

Northop Campus 10am-2pm

This will enable prospective students to explore our Northop campus, learn about animal management and behaviour as well as being able to discuss the degree programme of their choice.


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Creative Media Technology: Centre for the Creative Industries Tour

Centre for the Creative Industries, 10am-1.30pm

Come and visit our Centre for Creative Industries for a tour of our building and its excellent modern facilities. Explore our showreels, studios and speak to our staff to find out more about how our courses explore current and emerging technologies relating to creative media production, and about the live projects we offer that make our graduates highly desirable in the world of work in creative media technology. Drop into Calon FM, our on-site community radio station, before watching our facilities in action and having the opportunity to get hands-on. Experience our TV studios, live feeds and post-production room and check out what skills you can learn on our courses. 


cmt openday

Art & Design: Meet the Makers

Regent Street, 10am-1.30pm

We are excited to announce that throughout the day we will be running our "Meet the Maker" experience. If you are interested in any of our Art & Design courses then this is not to be missed. Our creative staff and students will be at our Regent Street Campus giving you insight into different types of creation within our subjects and showing your our studios and workshops. Meet our photography staff, see the illustrators bring images to life and watch our makers transform materials such as clay and metal whilst hearing about the techniques you will use on the course to produce your very own works of art. 


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Business: Global Climate Strike - an employer's perspective 

Lower B corridor, 12.30pm 

An estimated 100,000 school children, parents and workers took part in co-ordinated strikes in the UK on 20th September with millions of others around the world doing the same.  While some employees came from organisations that fully supported the strike, others found themselves facing disciplinary action.  This talk will look at why some organisations are prepared to back this type of strike action, while others are not, how this impacts on company culture and ethics, and the type of message it sends to potential customers and employees.

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Criminology: Nature Vs Nurture 

Lower B corridor, 11am

Are individuals biologically influenced to commit crime or is the surrounding environment to blame? This interactive session will explore the nature/nurture debate which exists in criminology by discussing relevant case studies and the factors which may prompt offending behaviour.  




Policing:  Psychoactive substances, what are they? (NOVEMBER ONLY)

Lower B corridor, 12.30pm

With images of zombie-like people in the towns and cities of the UK who have consumed synthetic drugs, and the discussion around drugs in prisons such as Spice this taster session will look at what is a psychoactive substance and the history of such substances.  We will also explore what the law in England and Wales looks like in relation to these substances and what powers the police have to search for psychoactive substances.   We will explore how a “stop and search” and an arrest procedure should be carried out in accordance with the law. These are just some of the elements delivered as part of the BSc (Hons) in Professional Policing course. Anyone with an interest in Professional Policing, Criminology,  Forensic Science, Criminal Justice or Law would find the presentation useful. Also, employability options for prospective students will be discussed.  With policing becoming a degree only profession for new entrants from 2020 onwards this degree course has been designed in conjunction with the College of Policing to meet the requirements of the Police Service in England and Wales.


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Public Health and Wellbeing: People, pills and places – the bigger picture of physical and mental health in the UK

Lower B corridor, 11am

This interactive session will look at the current state of health in the UK and ask what we do when ‘the drugs don’t work’. Can the environment around us, and the assets within our communities, be harnessed to help us all to better health and wellbeing?


Physiotherapy: Are You Ready for the Physiotherapy Challenge?

Sports Hall 

This is an interactive session with our Physiotherapy team with the added bonus of prizes! Do you know your muscles and joints? Come and test your knowledge of human anatomy. Challenge your views on the role of the physiotherapist and range of people they can help. At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to have a one to one with the Programme Lead to ask any additional questions you may have. Attendance at one of the interactive sessions is highly recommended as the Physiotherapy Desk may not be manned during the interactive session times.



Occupational Therapy: What is Occupation

Lower B corridor, 12.30pm

In this session find out why human beings engage in occupations.  Discover why occupation is so much more than a person’s ‘job’ and gain an occupational therapy perspective on the link between human occupation and wellbeing.



Psychology: Mental Health: Recovered or In Recovery? 

The Study, 11am

Come along to this open discussion with a member of the Psychology team from WGU to explore the notion of recovery. We will use psychological theory to discuss approaches towards this concept and the social influences that may help or hinder recovery from mental illnesses.


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Theatre & Performance

Terry Hands Studio, 10am-1.30pm

When you first arrive we will be on hand to introduce you to one of our staff members who will guide you through the life of a theatre student. A tour will be given of our Terry Hands Studio We'll cover the exciting topics and techniques, show you around our own theatre and performance spaces and demonstrate how we enable our students to bring the magic of theatre to life. On top of that, we'll show you a host of our performances so you can get a taste for the variety of options on offer. While you study with us you'll learn more about acting for different platforms. From TV to theatre, and beyond, our experienced staff are here to equip you with the skills to shine at both. If you have any questions then you can speak to one of our students who will give you first-hand advice on what it is like to study Theatre, Television and Performance with us.


theatre openday

Social & Cultural History

Sports Hall 10am- 1.30pm

Our brand new Social and Cultural History degree will take you on a journey from the Roman era to the modern age. Exploring family, fashion, crime, art, politics, propaganda and more. Come along and meet the staff who can tell you all about the course alongside the exciting trips and visits that will allow you to explore your subject in an immersive way. Learn more about how you can get hands-on with history.



Creative Writing & English 

Sports Hall 10am-1.30pm

Explore the themes you will study including literature, culture and identity as our experienced staff bring this vibrant subject to life. Learn more about the different platforms students use to express their work from performance poetry to the written word. Discover how an understanding of wide-ranging fiction genres can equip you with the knowledge to bring your skills into the modern workplace. And, delve into the transformation of topics and see how writing, performing and engaging can be a function for positive social change. We'll tell you all about the support we offer for your research and projects, as well as the skills you will develop that make our graduates highly desirable in any professions involving communicating, thinking creatively, organising ideas and problem-solving.  


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Engineering Labs 10am-1pm

Come and meet our expert engineers and be part of a host of experiences which will demonstrate what our courses can offer you. Visit our state-of-the-art flight simulator, electronics and mechanics labs and see our jet engine. Our staff will be on hand the whole way to show you the incredible practical skills you can develop when you study with us.




B128a & Sports Hall, (Cybertech B20) 10am-1.30pm

PlaySpace is a voluntary led initiative formed by staff and students at Wrexham Glyndwr University. Its aim, to embrace and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills through accessible, entertaining and engaging mini-workshops. A selection of these workshops will be available to visitors at the University and are accessible to all ages, including Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, 3d scanning & printing, cyber security hacking tools, and Arduino and the Internet of Things.


stem openday

Applied Science

Sports Hall & Science Labs 10am-1.30pm

Let our Applied Science department take you on a journey through our analytical disciplines. Our staff will show you around our modern laboratories and demonstrate our variety of research equipment. We can also show you around our crime scene house and show you aspects of the crime scene simulations that take place. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you have about our wide-ranging study of forensic disciplines and how this is set in the context of current and emerging technologies. 



Built Environment

Sports Hall, 10am-1.30pm

Our Built Environment department has something for everyone. Whether you're looking to boost your construction management skills whilst working in industry or start exploring architecture from a whole new angle. The best way to learn about our subjects is to come and meet our experienced industry professional staff. They can talk to you about our courses but also show you how our students design and produce their work, how models are drawn and made, and how you can take your skills to the next level with our software and equipment.  


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Sport: Welcome to Colliers Park 

Colliers Park, 11.30am

Welcome to Colliers Park introductory tour of the facility and a sit-down overview of the three programmes to be offered. Includes talk involving body composition using the new SECA equipment. 


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