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The team at the North Wales Business School have been published widely in their fields. Recent works include book chapters in the books entitled ‘The Public Sector Accounting, Accountability and Auditing in Emerging Economies’ and ‘Dynamics of Organizational Change: Beyond Identity and Reputation’. Journal articles have also been published on 'Systematic Avocating', ‘Entrepreneurial intentions: A grounded theory of green-fielding’ and ‘Using the Income Approach to Calculate the Voluntary Sector's Economic Contribution to Gross Domestic Product’

They have also presented research papers all over the world, including at the Academy of Marketing Conference in Ireland, the International Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship in Dubrovnik, and the 7th EuroMed Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business in Norway. They are also to present two pieces of research at a British Academy of Management conference and the European Institute for Advanced Management Studies during 2016.

Applying their research to help industry is at the centre of their objectives and recent work has included a project to implement a sustainable growth strategy through extensive business process reengineering.

The School’s focus is on evidence-based research that supports the social and economic development of North Wales and supports regional decision makers, leaders and citizens in achieving sustainable developmental policies. Under their dedicated Centre for Management Research they have a regular seminar programme which aids students on postgraduate programmes, researchers and businesses in the region.

The School also has a joint research centre with the School of Applied Science, Computing and Engineering called the Analytical Decision Making Research Group. Research is based around developing improved business decision making capability, and relating mathematical decision and ranking methods to relevant, real-life problems.

Research interests are in the areas of leadership and strategy, small business, human resource management, marketing, accounting and finance, events and effective management practices.

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