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Forensic Science

Forensic Science

In both applied science settings and the historic environment the accurate documentation, collection and identification of complex information is a key skill. Forensic archaeology is focused entirely in this area by taking techniques used to recovery historic information and utilising it in a criminal justice setting. This 50 credit summer school programme looks to introduce you to the areas of forensic and archaeological investigation across an immersive four-week programme. In this course, you will learn about the fundamental principles that underpin forensic, archaeological and crime scene sciences through lectures, practical workshops and simulations in our dedicated forensic science laboratory, crime scene house, skeletal remains workroom. You will also get the opportunity to see our decomposition research centre, one of only a small number of licensed facilities in the UK. You will have the opportunity to look try your hand at a range of skills including footwear casting and fingerprint development as well as learning how to correctly handle and identify human skeletal remains.


What you will study

The programme will be split into two modules:

Introduction to Forensic Investigation:

  • Introduction to Crime and Law
  • Roles in Forensic Investigation
  • Types of Evidence
  • Photographing, sketching and documentation
  • Search Strategies
  • Collection and packaging of evidence
  • Basic principles of evidence testing


Human Skeletal Remains:

  • Ethics in forensic and historical environments
  • Archaeological and Anthropological Theory
  • Fundamental human skeletal anatomy
  • Principles of Human Identification
  • Developing Biological Profiles
  • Understanding Disease and Trauma
  • Decomposition and Preservation Processes


£1050 (including deposit)

How to Apply

To apply for this course, visit our online store.


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