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English language courses

Free English language courses

English Language students can enjoy all the benefits of being full members of the student community at Wrexham Glyndwr University, and they will also be introduced to the University as a whole. Students will, therefore, gain first-hand knowledge about life in Higher Education in the UK generally, and they will receive advice on application procedures onto academic programmes such as Arts, Business, Computing or Engineering. The courses are especially suitable for those who wish to start their academic course either in September 2019 or 2020.     

What will I study?

Vocabulary and grammar are given equal importance, and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking skills in social and academic situations throughout the course. Reading and writing skills are honed progressively, and at higher levels, they will be at the centre of learning.  Advice and techniques in preparing for internationally recognised exams, such as IELTS, will form an integral part of the course towards the end of higher level courses and enhance and focus the participants’ learning experience at the advanced stage of the programme. Participants can take an internationally recognised English language exam at the end of the course at the Language Centre – useful e.g. when applying for jobs or academic courses (an examination fee applies). 

Learning and teaching take place in a seminar style environment, including sessions in a language laboratory. The usual group size is 10-20 participants. Most learning resources are provided by the course organisers but students need to purchase a course book. Students’ progress will be monitored closely by the experienced and caring programme team. The intimate and personalised learning experience at the Language Centre is exactly what most former students say makes the courses so special and beneficial to them!

Course duration and Fees

Courses are delivered part-time (2-4 hours guided tuition in a week up to 44 hours per course in total) at four entry levels; some classes are also delivered in the evenings:

- pre-intermediate; entry requirement: A1/IELTS 2.5-3.5

- intermediate; entry requirement: A2/IELTS 3.5-4.5

- upper intermediate; entry requirement: B1/IELTS 4.5-5.5

- advanced; entry requirement: B2/IELTS 5.5-6.5

Any equivalent qualifications or experience will be considered at admission, and places are allocated following an initial English language test prior to the course beginning, subject to feasible group sizes. Successful completion of a level will automatically qualify for the next level, subject to the respective course being offered. 

Courses usually start at the beginning of November, January and March -  subject to feasible student numbers.

The courses themselves are free* but the participants must buy a course book (contains a CD) which is approximately £25 new, but can be bought used e.g. from Amazon. 

*UK/EU students free; international students: £180

Information and Applications

More information about the courses will be available at the University Open Days (Language Centre desk). All applications are to be made in person at these events, where an initial English language test (approximately 25 mins) will be conducted as well.   

All students must be over the age of 18. 

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