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Psychometrics Services for Business: Recruiting New Staff? 

What can Glyndwr University offer?- Glyndŵr University is able to offer a consultancy service related to your recruitment needs.  A qualified careers professional, trained to the British Psychological Society (BPS) standards will work with you to understand your specific requirements and deliver an appropriate session using psychometric tests.

What do we mean by psychometrics?- Generally the term psychometrics is used, either, to describe a structured test which measures a skill such as numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning; or alternatively it relates to a structured questionnaire to assist in thinking more about personality type, learning style, team roles or possible career choices. 

Why should I use psychometrics in my recruitment?- When used correctly psychometrics can provide accurate information on a person’s strengths, potential or their development needs.  The use of ability or aptitude tests for recruitment and selection is well-established in many organisations to help secure the most appropriate candidate linked to the sort of abilities the job role requires.

Importantly, a psychometric assessment is made in a ‘standardised’ manner (i.e. in the same way for all people and from occasion to occasion).   The candidate's responses to the test are recorded and scored in a standardised manner (e.g. by the use of a fixed scoring key) and that the results are interpreted in a standardised manner (e.g. by comparing the scores obtained by an individual to those obtained by a large sample of people who have taken the test previously).

What types of psychometric tests available through Glyndŵr University?

Verbal – Used to assess individual’s ability to understand written information and determine what follows logically from that information.

Numerical – Used to assess individual’s ability to use numerical information to solve problems.

Abstract Reasoning / Diagrammatic – Used to test individual’s ability to identify patterns, shapes and generate and test hypotheses.  This ability is linked to generating new ideas, problem solving and creative thinking.

Appropriate levels of tests can be selected linked to academic level of candidates.

What options are available for my Business?

    1.    ‘Consultancy’ Service for Business – Ability Testing 

    This service includes:

    • Delivery of a psychometric testing session by a BPS trained professional for up to 8 candidates.
    • The selection of 2 appropriate tests per candidate to suit individual recruitment requirements (from a selection of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests). 
    • The administration, scoring and interpretation of the 2 tests for each candidate.
    • Online or paper based testing to suit requirements. 
    • Additional candidates can be tested but will attract an additional charge.  This may also involve an extra testing session being arranged.
      2.    Online Ability Testing  (Numerical, Verbal or Abstract Reasoning)
        • Online psychometric testing service linked to a numerical, verbal or abstract reasoning ability.
        • The selection of an appropriate test to suit individual requirements. 
        • The administration, scoring and interpretation of the test. 
        • A personalised report for each test based on the results.

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