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Research Centre

The Research Centre for the Creative Arts has a thriving research culture that aims to connect the people of North East Wales and beyond through projects that involve the local community. There is a vibrant programme of exhibitions, performance, public lectures, workshops, TV and radio shows that translate our everyday activities into research that creates powerful arguments for the benefit of our work.

The Centre provides a research seminar series of talks to help foster collaborative projects and encourage interdisciplinary work. These are open to anyone who is interested. 

Both written and practice based work is produced in publications, books and exhibitions. 

We have a growing number of research students and details of projects can be found below and under staff profiles.

If you are interested in studying for a research degree or collaborating with a researcher please contact Dr Susan Liggett

Research student projects

Current research students in the School of Creative Arts include:

 David Bisson        David Bisson                                                  'Trash and Ready-mades’: A practice-led exploration into the use of the found object and junk materials by present day jewellers and applied artists.
 Leslie Edwards      Leslie Edwards Intertextuality and gender in the work of Alan Moore.
 Clare Harding 1
      Clare Harding                                                 How does digital engagement and display affect audience behaviour in public art galleries?
Anthony Jackson       Anthony Jackson
 ‌Training and Development in Arts in Heath: a North Wales perspective. 
 Steve Jarvis
      Steve Jarvis                                                   ‘Virtually Learning’.

 Lucy Jones

     Lucy Jones

Revealing employability learning outcomes through student engagement with service learning.

 Megan Jones       Megan Jones Painting as an Immersive Experience: a study of its benefits to people living with Dementia in North Wales and North West England.
 John McClenaghen
      John McClenaghen                                                   
 Joy Miles      Joy Miles  Discourses of ruralism and the construction of liberalism in early twentieth-century English literary culture.
 Ioana Pioaru      Ioana Pioaru  Horror Vacui Imagery in Digital Holography and Other Media
 Mai Thomas      Mai Thomas Object-Based Learning: a study of audience engagement through the creation of artworks.
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