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Professional Development

Professional Development


Our vision is for WGU’s academics to facilitate value-based education where relationships between people and our environment, are central to preparing students to participate in and contribute to a flourishing, equitable and sustainable society in meaningful and empowering ways.


To apply and implement the Education in Sustainable Development (ESD) Vision and deliver transformational education, research and innovation by:

  • Providing values-based quality education that is transformative and future-oriented, where the academic, physical and emotional development of the student is central and facilitated through access to academics and opportunities for career-enhancing activities, such as volunteering, exchanges, placements and enterprise.
  • Adopting a systems thinking and holistic approach to teaching through our actions and supporting staff in delivering excellence with commitment and passion.
  • Providing a healthy and engaging learning environment, indoors and outdoors, with multi-disciplinary learning opportunities and activities for students, teachers, staff, and the wider school community (i.e. the local community in which the university is situated) for fostering ecological literacy development.
  • Measuring and where necessary reducing the ecological footprint of WGU in such ways that invite engagement with the larger university community.
  • Maintaining and enhancing WGU’s drive to become a Learning Community where engagement and participation from all members of the School community are valued and welcomed, and partnership and collaboration for ESD is practised.

The University plays an active role in the promotion of ESDGC in Wales. For example, academic staff are representatives on the Higher Education Future Generations Group in Wales and on the Wales Regional Centre of Expertise in the Global RCE Network co-ordinated by the United Nations University in Japan.

ESD Champions

Dr Colin Stuhlfelder

Colin is part of has delivered housing strategy across North Wales and down to the South Wales Valleys and he has spoken on issues ranging from anti-social behaviour to tackling issues relating to the sustainable use of recourses at national and international events.

David Sprake

David spent 10 years working in Engineering (contracting and consulting) projects such as power stations, road construction, sea defences, public health (fresh water), topographic surveying, structural engineering.

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