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Sustainable food

Sustainable food

Wrexham Glyndŵr University (WGU) recognises that food production and consumption has a big impact on the environment.  As a result the University is committed to reducing this impact as much as possible.  This is in line with Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s Environment and sustainability management policy statement commitment to procure in a sustainable manner, taking ethical, environmental and social factors into consideration.  It has a responsibility to provide nutritious and sustainably sourced food to its customer’s.

We also recognise that we have a considerable influence in our buying power to encourage our suppliers and contractors to minimise negative ethical, environmental and social effects associated with products and services we provide by working together with suppliers to encourage sustainable and healthy food production and consumption. We have key performance indicators aligned with our sustainable food strategy written into our catering contract, take a look at our Catering Award Criteria

The University has set a number of targets and objectives to help us achieve these aims within our Sustainable, Healthy Food Policy .

From August 2017 Wrexham Glyndwr University caterers became Aramark, who have extended the range of healthy foods on offer in our catering outlets across campuses.

Since WGU have been working with Aramark they have continued WGU's mission to promote seasonal products used in their menus and are sourcing new products which we can utilise in our food production based on the seasonal menu. They have sourced good alternatives to meat. 

They have been working with WGU to create events that raise awareness in Healthy, Sustainable and Fairtrade food. 

Aramark now purchase products that have all the relevant information on labels. Aramark have set recipes, so any products made in-house are labelled with BB/UB dates and allergen information.

Aramark changed their disposable products and are now produced by Vegware. They have introduced Ceramic bowls/plates & mugs to assist with the reduction on disposables used on campus. Aramark have continued with WGU's Keepcup scheame and in September 2018 a 20p charge was introduced to the beverage price if these were not used as an incentive to buy one and have been assisting in reducing our amount of disposable cups/lids purchased. Read the story here

In December 2017 Aramark became signatories of the Sustainable Fish Cities pledge, making public their commitment to put in place a verifiably sustainable fish policy and celebrated it with WGU.

An exciting collaboration between Flintshare our onsite community led growing group and our student society’s Botanical and ZooSoc has been formed this year with Flintshare educating WGU students on the benefits and skills of growing your own food. Many BBQ parties have taken place this year using food picked from WGU’s growing facility.

‌‌‌WGU growing facility 5

Free Drinking Water

There are free drinking water fountains throughout all the university sites, including the Students' Union and the main canteen.

WGU Growing Facility

Are you passionate about the environment, would you like to get involved with planting your very own fruit and vegetables at WGU? Head to our Northop Campus to get a patch in one of our five poly tunnels and between July – October pick your own apples from WGU’s orchard.

The University’s Northop Campus growing facility is run by a collaboration of community growing group Flintshare and WGU societies BotSoc and ZooSoc. You can get involved and learn about planting different seeds, weeding, transplanting and pest control. You will develop a practical understanding of horticultural techniques by understanding how to make compost, dig beds, as well as gain knowledge about different plants, insects and the eco system. We are always looking for people to get involved.

Working in the growing facility provides a great distraction from your busy life and you can enjoy some fresh air while taking in the stunning views from our rural campus. It promotes the mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors, getting physical, being part of bigger change, meeting and connecting with people and enables the university to create connections with growers and local charities as a way of engaging with a larger community.

Read more about the growing facility in our press archive 

If you would like to get involved in growing your own healthy food with no carbon footprint all free of charge join Flintshare or WGU Societies and get a patch at WGU’s growing facility.



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