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Sustainable IT services

Sustainable IT services

Sustainability is high on the agenda for IT Services at Wrexham Glynd┼Ár University and has become embedded into our decisions on how we procure products and services and in the management and operation of those services.

Many changes have already taken place, and we have plans to continually improve.

Initiatives include:

  • Reduction in number of printers across site by introducing more networked workgroup printers.
  • Duplex printing is set as default on the majority of printers.
  • Procurement includes duplex printers as standard and eco-mode printing; PCs procured use lower energy processor technologies.
  • Replacing CRT displays with LCD displays, reducing energy usage.
  • Active monitoring of PCs in use, and a campaign to switch off unused devices at night and during inactive periods has reduced wastage significantly. Automatic shutdown on schedule of IT labs PC.
  • Recycling of product packaging.
  • Increased use of remote support tools, reducing IT engineers’ travelling.
  • Implementation of SMS text alerting service for students, keeping them informed of lecture changes thereby reducing wasted journeys. 
  • Construction of a paperless meeting room incorporating laptops and displays, which will reduce paper waste.

Looking forward, plans include the following:

  • Use of thin client computing to decrease energy usage.
  • Automating shutdown of all PCs.
  • Powering down sections of the network out of hours.
  • Investigate use of outside air cooling for equipment rooms to complement air chiller units. Reducing energy used to keep equipment rooms at correct temperature.
  • Detailed monitoring and evaluation of printed material to drive a reduction in waste.
  • Plans to increase virtualisation of servers to reduce energy usage.

Electrical equipment disposal

All of our end of life electrical and computer equipment is disposed of using our WEEE compliant supplier. Equipment or equipment components which can be reused or recycled is securely wiped of any data and repurposed. Components which cannot be repurposed are processed to recover recyclable materials. The supplier also processes our used toner/ink cartridges. The university currently uses CDL


Book disposal

Books at end of life are recycled though Better World where possible or recycled though paper disposal processing.

Book exchange facility to allow students to exchange text books between themselves using a peer to peer online service.

Printers and copiers

The University selects suppliers which are both cost effective and have a mature sustainability strategy. Currently we are using Ricoh for our Printer and Copier fleet and from 2017 will be migrating to Konica Minolta. Both suppliers have an active commitment to sustainability visible on their web sites – (1) Konica Minolta (2) Ricoh

The university has a number of initiatives to reduce printer and paper usage. These include:

  • Support for electronic assignment submission
  • Publication of handouts and other class room information packs via the university virtual learning environment
  • Delivery of learning materials via digital online systems
  • Caps on number of pages’ staff can print
  • Default duplex for printers
  • Removal of personal printers with a move to workgroup printing
  • Print and collect printing using print release, which reduces unneeded printing
  • Information to users of costs of print jobs before printing ensuring users are considering print in an informed manner

Packaging of PC’s and new equipment

The university seeks to reduce the packaging used for computer equipment. On large consignments we opt for pallet packed equipment, reducing individual containers. Suppliers are asked to use recycled or recyclable materials where possible.

Power usage of computer equipment

Server room temperature is set at 25c to reduce cooling costs.

PC’s are purchased with energy efficient power supplies.

Computers on Campus are controlled by power management policies to power down or hibernate idle computers and VDU equipment.

On site server and storage equipment has been rationalised into virtual server environments reducing the energy usage of many separate units.

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