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Sustainable travel

Sustainable travel

Evidence suggests that public transport has the potential to replace 21% of existing car journeys in urban areas around the UK. Although buses are used more than any other public transport for local journeys their use has declined by 11% over the last decade.

Benefits to using public transport:

  • Users are more active by walking to and from stops and destinations
  • Your journey is more relaxed as you have time to read or listen to music
  • It is better for the environment (a full bus can take 50 cars off the road)
  • It reduces the need for car parks, meaning the land can be turned into green spaces such as parks and community areas

The university provides a Free transport for students between its Wrexham and Northop campuses during term time.

To book transport email 

Public Transport

Nearly 40% of journeys that are less than two miles are made by car. Short car trips create much higher levels of harmful emissions, as engines are not operating at their optimum temperature.

Many short journeys could easily be made on public transport making a surprising difference to your carbon footprint.


Plan your journey


Wrexham buses

Northop buses

Your Own Steam

Wales leads the world with its Active Travel legislation. The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 has given Wales the opportunity to transform itself into a country where walking and cycling are normal ways of getting around for shorter journeys.

Cycle to Work Scheme

All campuses have facilities to store your bike and clean you up with showers at sports centre in Wrexham and Mitchelmore building in Northop. See campus maps:



Find out more about WGU’s Cycle scheme

Wrexham - Plan a bike route

Northop - Plan a bike route  

No-one knows a city better than the cyclists who ride there every day – the best routes, the tricky junctions, and bike-friendly cafés. Share your knowledge about Wrexham routes here


Wrexham walks

Northop walks

Sustainable Travel Campaigns

WGU are rapidly becoming more aware of the benefits of traveling sustainably. Next year we hope to champion campaigns and events with the aim of getting staff and students to consider sustainable travel options and become more active.  

National Walking Month  - May

Bike Week – June

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