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News, Events & Campaigns

News, Events & Campaigns

The Environment and Sustainability annual budget is used to implement sustainability projects and to raise awareness amongst both students and staff.  This involves managing a variety of different projects, including staff/student engagement schemes such as Green Champions and participating in Green events, take a look - 

Our Sustainability Latest News

Our events & campaigns are designed to get everyone thinking about energy, sustainability and carbon reduction. We also celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and are right behind the Fairtrade message, simple shopping choices enabling farmers to obtain better deals, allowing them to make their own decisions and control their own futures, leading a dignified life.

Events & Campaigns across the University

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Wrexham Glyndwr University has signed up to become a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. In the last 20 years hedgehog numbers in the UK have declined by up to half due to traffic, litter and a lack of natural habitats. Working alongside the British Hedgehog Preservation Society we are working to make our campuses a safe and suitable space for hedgehogs to thrive.We undertake hedgehog surveys, organise litter picks, provide safe places for them to eat and drink and raise awareness on what to do if you find a sick hog.

Hedgehog litter pick banner

Go Green Week

Go Green Week is held nationally in February.

To celebrate and raise awareness of environmental issues the Energy and Sustainability department hold events across the University during the month.

Meat Free Monday

Aramark offer a meat free menu in the canteen and a selection of fresh fruit in the reception area for staff, students and visitors.

If 10 million people committed to going meat free for one meal a week the impact would be extraordinary. It would reduce CO2 emissions enough to drive around the world 2,438 times and reduce water usage by the equivalent of 5000 Olympic swimming pools.

Take a look Tuesday

On Tuesday Pip Francis and Carl Payne who are based at our Northop Campus showcase the campus and the green activities it has to offer. 

Pip and Carl also promote biodiversity and the role Glyndwr plays in the biological resources available to us. Biodiversity is the term used to describe a variety of living beings on earth, it describes the degree of variation of life, encompassing microorganisms, plants, animals and ecosystems.  

Waste not Wednesday

We are currently promoting the Refill app which aims to reduce waste by making refilling your water bottle easy and convenient. WGU have logged our free water refill stations and we are encouraging our students and staff to take advantage.

We have been joined by Groundwork North Wales, Hafren Dyfrdwy, Veolia, Glyndwr’s Green Champions, Glyndwr’s E-learning and Glyndwr’s Energy and Sustainability Co-ordinator.

Groundwork shared top tips on how to save water, energy and money in the homes and at work.  

Veolia highlighted problems in sending waste to landfill, and highlighted the progress that WGU is making with this. In 2017 the University diverted 53% of its waste from landfill. In 2018, 89% of our waste was diverted and by 2020 we aim to have 100% of our waste diverted. (Ref. Veolia).

Visitors to the stand are shown what materials can be recycled and staff and students were encouraged to recycle as much as possible in the University and at home.

Hafren Dyfrdwy join us to share information for saving money on your water bills with their Here2Help scheme, offer those with low disposable income to save a reduction on their annual water bill.

Glyndwr Green Champions Nicola and Molly are on hand to sign up new Green Champions. They display information on what being a Green Champion is all about and also run a quiz to test peoples knowledge of energy and sustainability! Wild meadow seed bombs are given out to visitors so that they can grow their own mini meadow which will in turn attract bees and other insects.

Our Energy and Sustainability co-ordinator, shares information about how the university works hard to save energy and become more environmentally friendly.

Our SHE officer displays our e-learning packages that we offer, with a wide range of learning available.

Travel Thursday

On Travel Thursdays Alf Jones Cycles join us to encourage staff to cycle to work. By cycling to work not only can you improve your physical fitness and help your bank account you also contribute to a greener environment. The cycle to work scheme offers Glyndwr staff the opportunity to get up to £1000 of bike and accessories. You pay a monthly salary sacrifice to hire the bike and kit and over a 12 month period you have the option to purchase the bike at a discount. 

Go Green image 1

 Fairtrade Open Days

We take the opportunity to promote Fairtrade at some of our open days. We included a delicious Fairtrade flapjack along with a leaflet explaining what Fairtrade is, why it is important and how everyone can make a difference. The Fairtrade flapjacks go down an absolute treat which raises Fairtrade’s profile within university amongst students, staff and visitors.

Christmas Switch Off

Annually, the Sustainability Action Group hold a ’Christmas Switch off Campaign’. Take a look at the report below to see what happened at our last big ‘switch off’.

Christmas Switch Off Checklist

Fairtrade Fortnight 

Did you know we became a Fairtrade University in 2018?

The Fairtrade Foundation commented on our application,

“Well done, you have provided us with an incredibly detailed set of policies that extensively illustrate your commitment to Fairtrade and the steps put in place to ensure that a high standard of ethical practice is maintained. We are impressed by your motivation and it is great to see the possible collaboration with Wrexham’s Fairtrade group”.

Fairtrade Certified Products at WGU

Wrexham Glyndwr University sells Fairtrade products throughout all its catering outlets including the Students Union and offers Fairtrade products at all in-house and external meetings.

Each year for two weeks over February and March, Fairtrade puts a spotlight on trade through the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign. Together with Fairtrade farmers and workers, campaigners and businesses up and down the country, they highlight the difference Fairtrade can make to lives and communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight Competition to win Fairtrade Goodies

We run competitions to win Fairtrade Goodies,

Baking delicious Fairtrade chocolate treats to share in support of the ‘She deserves Fairtrade section’ reporting on exploitation of women cocoa farmers and how Fairtrade supports women’s empowerment

Or simply purchasing a Fairtrade item enters you into a prize draw to win some goodies.

Earth Hour

In March we take part in Earth Hour.

Each year, Earth Hour, organised by WWF, takes place from 8.30pm until 9.30pm (local time). Every year millions of people, businesses and landmarks set aside an hour to host events, the Universities residents switch off their lights, go outside and make noise for the Earth hour movement.

Awareness Campaigns image 2

Recycle with British Heart Foundation

WGU currently have BHF Recycling drop off points around our campuses. The aim is to encourage staff, students and visitors not to throw away their unwanted items in a bid to saving the environment and with BHS, save someone’s life.

Dropping your clothes in a BHF collection bin means that they will be given a new life. Recycling your old items will not only prevent those greenhouse gases from being emitted but also lessens the need for newly manufactured clothes, effectively cutting down on the environmental damage incurred in the textile manufacturing process.

Levers Food Donation

In 2018 WGU started a food collection for unwanted tinned and packet food which is still ongoing today.

The food is donated to our local food bank as residents are departing.

We encouraged residents to get involved to drop off their donated food at our accommodation offices before they checked out of WGU accommodation.  

The Foodbank relies on goodwill and support. They always welcome donations and use them to provide help to people in crisis. Over 90% of the food distributed by foodbank is donated by the public – that’s why your food donations are absolutely vital to our ability to give everyone referred to us a balanced and nutritious three day supply of food.

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