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Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Hedgehog friendly campus

Wrexham Glyndwr University has signed up to become a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. 

In the last 20 years hedgehog numbers in the UK have declined by up to half due to traffic, litter and a lack of natural habitats. Working alongside the British Hedgehog Preservation Society we are working to make our campuses a safe and suitable space for hedgehogs to thrive.

Working closely with our students we have set up a Hedgehog Friendly Campus group who are working towards gaining accreditation for the University. There has already been a lot of enthusiasm from our staff and students for the campaign and the group will be holding events and campaigns that everyone can get involved in.

The university secured Bronze Hedgehog Friendly Campus status – the first of three designations in the UK-wide scheme. What are we doing at WGU to ensure a Hedgehog friendly campus?

  • Providing suitable habitats that are accessible
  • Providing a safe place for them to eat and drink

  • Adding purpose-built hedgehog houses to keep them safe and dry

  • Ensuring we have a litter-free campus

  • Undertaking hedgehog surveys around campuses

  • Creating a Hedgehog friendly campus group for staff and students

  • Creating awareness through social media, newsletters and events

  • Installing Hedgehog crossing signs

  • Including Hedgehog awareness on Induction for relevant contractors i.e groundsmen to check areas for hedgehogs before strimming or using similar equipment.

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Found a hedgehog who needs help?

Call Wirral wildlife sanctuary, open 24 hours - 01516255464 - Wirral wildlife sanctuary 

Are you interested in joining the Hedgehog Friendly Campus group email us at  energy&

Read our hedgehog friendly campus blogs - 

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A great webinar about Hedgehog Friendly Campus and what it is all about is now live here - Hedgehog Friendly Campus Webinar

The Big Hog-Friendly Lockdown Litter Pick Challenge

Last year WGU took part in the Big Hog-Friendly Lockdown Litter Pick.

Hedgehogs are covered in thousands of spines, making them vulnerable to becoming trapped in litter. Unfortunately, many hedgehogs die every year because of this. 

WGU came 9th out of 22 universities and together we’ve removed nearly 700 bags of litter from campuses all over the UK and made them a little friendlier for hedgehogs. Well done and thank you to everyone who got involved. 

Litter pick challenge
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