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Our Targets

Our Targets

Our target at Wrexham Glyndŵr University (WGU) is to reduce our scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions (electricity, gas and gas oil) and also our scope 3 carbon emissions (water, waste & recycling and business travel)  annually by 3% up to 2020 relative to our 2009/10 baseline this is in accordance with our Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018 English.Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2019 Welsh

Emissions Projections

You can view our exact figures in the Wrexham Glyndwr University Carbon Management Plan - Section 3.5 (pages 14-16)

In 2017/ 2018 we reduced water by 13% in comparison to the previous year and overall we are reducing travel and waste by 3%

Carbon Reduction and Natural Resources

Take a look also at our Sustainability Strategy Review which shows our commitment and targets for Carbon Reduction and Natural Resources for 2017/18.

Priority 1 - Carbon Reduction

Priority 4E - Natural Resources

How do we plan to achieve our targets?

To ensure current and future energy conservation, WGU’s Sustainability Action Group is continually investigating potential projects and schemes that will enable us to achieve our objectives to reduce our carbon consumption. Projects, practices and measures are being implemented to reduce our Carbon Footprint and conserve environmental resources wherever achievable and feasible.

We are consistently monitoring and analysing all of our energy usage through our extensive network of numerous meters, software and invoices, targeting issues where necessary. We have two energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) systems in place each bringing its own benefits to monitor and target. Our installed sub-meters are set up for monitoring consumption against our specified targets and detecting exceptions with alerts. The systems also assist in monitoring newly implemented projects to evaluate ongoing results. Our software is able to highlight any unexpected issues which can be dealt with on a daily basis as they arise, enabling us to stop unnecessary energy wastage and resulting in negative impacts on our finances. We also evaluate our performance with monthly and annual reports producing results and targets achieved.

The issue of energy consumption is now higher up the agenda for staff, students and other stakeholders than ever before and we continue to develop our plans to reduce our energy consumption for the long-term. By involving all individuals, we are confident we can make a huge difference in reducing our impact on the environment. As well as making carbon savings for Wales and the UK, our financial savings from energy can be ploughed back into improved services for our students.

By implementing long-term ‘invest to save’ measures and working closely with Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and in conjunction with Carbon Trust Wales our aim is to continue to make excellent progress in reducing energy and water consumption in our buildings, resulting in improving our Welsh environment.

Action Plans

Wrexham Glyndwr University Carbon Management Plan

Wrexham Glyndwr University Carbon Management Plan Welsh

Our Carbon Management Plan provides the details of the steps required to measure, reduce and monitor Glyndŵr University’s carbon footprint. It is intended to provide the basis for the detailed work which will be implemented both in terms of infrastructure improvement but also by achieving efficiency savings from engaging the University’s stakeholders and changing working practice.

Take a look at Appendix A, Page 24, Carbon Management Matrix – Embedding. It shows how we embed carbon management within WGU, through corporate strategy, communication, training and student and staff engagement.

Appendix B, Page 25, Stakeholder Management, lists clear lines of responsibility for WGU’s carbon management.

Appendix D, Page 37, Current/ Future Projects, states the estimated investment needed to achieve our carbon reduction targets.

Energy Policy 2018

Energy & Sustainability Management Statement Policy 2020

Our Energy Policy has been devised to ensure that as we continue to develop as a prosperous University, we will continually assess and improve our energy performance through the support and involvement of all employees.

WGU Heating Policy

Our Heating Policy states the University’s aims to comply with Health and Safety requirements, providing reasonable standards of thermal comfort conditions for students and staff whilst minimising emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2.


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