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Awards and accreditations

Awards and accreditations


People & Planet 2:1

Wrexham Glyndwr University has been placed among the top third of British universities for its performance in new green rankings.

The People and Planet University League is the only one of its kind and examines the environmental, ethical, and sustainable performance of each university in the UK. The People and Planet team measure everything from a university’s carbon reduction policies to its water reduction measures, with 154 universities in the UK ranked accordingly.

The new rankings rate Wrexham Glyndwr University at 47, a rise of 36 places since the last figures were released in 2017.

Wrexham Glyndwr University Director of Operations, Lynda Powell, said: “We are delighted to have risen more than thirty places in the new People and Planet University League. That achievement comes on top of the major leap we had made in the 2017 rankings – and means we are now among the top third of UK universities for our work on environmental and sustainable issues.

“At Glyndwr, our commitment to understanding and managing our impact on the environment is embedded in our culture.  We have dedicated ‘green champions’ who strive to make everyone at the university more environmentally aware.

“That can be anything from working to keep our local environment clean and tidy with litter picks and shrub planting, right through to major projects such as new energy saving systems and improved recycling facilities.

“As a university, we are one of only a handful in the UK who have made a commitment that any investments we make in the energy sector will be in low-carbon energy companies or funds.

“We are also including a range of major environmental and sustainable improvements in our Campus 2025 estates renewal programme.

“Campus 2025 is driven not only by our desire to provide an attractive learning environment, but also by our recognition that there is a strong environmental case for the renewal of our existing estate.

“Once these improvements are carried out, we would hope to see further improvements in environmental impact and sustainability.”

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Hedgehog Friendly Campus - Bronze Award

In February we were delighted to hear that the University secured Bronze Hedgehog Friendly Campus status. The team, which includes senior estates staff, the current President and Vice President of the Student Union, students, academics and other professional staff, have managed to hold a series of events to help hedgehogs, including first aid seminars, blogs and social media aimed at boosting awareness of ways in which we can all help hedgehogs, wildflower planting and estates improvements, and a Lockdown Litter pick challenge.

Work on the Hedgehog Friendly Campus project is continuing at Glyndwr with the team working towards Silver status. 

Living Wage

The University has made a commitment to implement the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice on Ethical Employment in Supply Chains which seeks for all public sector organisations and universities in Wales to commit to a range of ethical employment practices including considering paying all of their staff the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage as a minimum; and encouraging their suppliers to do the same.

Wrexham Glyndwr University has committed to paying the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage as a minimum to all of its staff and this will be implemented during the 18/19 academic year. The University will also ensure that as part of any contracted service arrangements, for example in providing cleaning, catering and security services, that at the point of re-tendering, contractors commit to also pay the Living Wage Foundations Living Wage.

Find us here - Accredited living wage employers 


The University has also signed up to the Welsh Governments Code of Practise on Ethical Employment in the Supply Chain and Modern Slavery Act which is the worlds largest open data register committed to ending modern slavery and supply chain labour abuses. A copy of the University’s Action plan to implement the 11 commitments within the Code of Practice pertinent to Universities can be read here Ethical employment in the supply chain initiative

British Astronomy Society

Wrexham Glynd┼Ár University has received an award from the British Astronomy Society for the fitting of new specialised outside lamps which shine downwards, thus reducing light pollution in the surrounding area.

Wrexham Area Civic Society Award for Sustainability

The university was also presented with a Wrexham Area Civic Society award for sustainability. The society described the Centre for Creative Industries building as "a striking and successful piece of modern architecture".

At the heart of the building, from day one of its design has been its sustainable features. The ‘green’ sedum roof is the most visible of these, but it also houses a number of additional environmental benefits.

All toilets are supplied from recycled rainwater collected from the roof, air to air source heat pumps are used to provide heating and the green roof provides a high thermal mass which reduces the demand for quick response energy.

Green Impact

Green Impact empowers individuals and departments to reduce their environmental impact by encouraging, rewarding and celebrating environmental improvements. Green Impact challenges the university to implement a number of easy, practical actions that will help the environment. 

Wrexham Glyndwr University’s Students Union take part each academic year. In 2019 they received a score of 315 and an EXCELLENT award.  

Take a look what our SU are doing now at WgSU Sustainability

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