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Centre for the Creative Industries live blog featured on Guardian website

May 16 2011

Glyndŵr University multimedia lecturer David Atkinson has penned an article for the Guardian’s Higher Education Network on his experience of using live blogging with students.

David and a number of journalism students used the microblogging site Tumblr to provide updates throughout the official opening of Glyndŵr University’s new Centre for the Creative Industries.

The live blog included interviews and profiles as well as comment on the range of activities on the day, from a film premier to the launch of the new community TV channel GTV.

Now David has written about the experience for the Guardian website in an article entitled Using live blogging to enhance the learning experience.

In the article David discusses the challenges and opportunities offered by live blogging, and in particular its relevance to students who aspire to join the fast-paced world of journalism.

He writes: “As a department, we plan to do more live blogging with students in the next academic year, taking a key event, conference or story and building a real-time exercise around it.”

The article follows a piece on the same site by Glyndŵr University’s web marketing officer Steve Graves, discussing the experience of hosting an online virtual open day for the first time.

Steve said: “We’ve seen live blogging and the coverage of events live online taking off exponentially in the news arena.

“The world is increasingly getting its information not just from journalists at arm’s length from a story, but from people at the scene recording what they have seen, their feelings and experiences in real time.

“This does not detract from the role of journalists. Indeed, it places even greater emphasis on trained professionals being able to distinguish between conflicting strands to get to the heart of a story.

“By using live blogging technology we are harnessing the power of this emerging medium.

“David and the students produced a lively, hugely entertaining and informative blog on the day of the launch and we will be looking to use this approach for future events.

“Live blogging the Centre for the Creative Industries launch and holding the virtual open day online are part of our approach to using the changing nature of the web to reflect the dynamic environment at Glyndŵr University.

“These articles have given us a great opportunity to share this with the higher education community.”

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