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Media students launch online Glyndŵr University TV channel

16 November 2010

Media students at Glyndŵr University are appealing to the Wrexham community for programme ideas and operational help as they prepare to launch an on-line television channel, GTV.

GTV’s creators are inviting the people of Wrexham to the University’s Nick Whitehead Theatre on Monday, 22 November at 5pm to discover how they can get involved in operations and programming.

GTV spokesperson Melanie Salisbury said: “We hope to tempt students, residents and representatives from charities, community organisations and businesses to offer programme ideas and help behind the scenes. The support of these potential contributors is vital to the success of the channel and we look forward to welcoming them.”

The channel aims to capitalise on television’s power to bring people together in production, shared viewing and discussion. It is set to play a key role in fusing together of all factions of the diverse Glyndŵr studentship and in encouraging greater interaction between the University and the wider Wrexham community.

Sally Harrison, a senior lecturer in Creative Industries, said: “We’re determined to create a community atmosphere that spills out beyond our campuses, thus offering students greater exposure to new people, opportunities and cultures and, ultimately, a superior university experience.”

The channel will broadcast English and Welsh language programmes designed to integrate, inform, illuminate and inspire its audience. Programmes will be divided into streams that mirror these core objectives and each has its own commissioning team, competing to capture the imagination of potential programme makers.

The channel's 'Inform' commissioning team’s Qingyun Hu said: “The best content ideas will encompass all four values, gravitating towards one programme stream but hovering close to the rest.”

Programme-makers will benefit from the University’s extensive resources whilst working on their commissions.

Sally Harrison said:  “In terms of equipment, knowledge and experience, the University is well placed to produce quality programming. Contributors to the channel will be encouraged to work alongside media and performance students keen to hone the creative thinking and practical skills acquired in the course of their studies.”

Budgets may be available to content creators in the future as the channel hopes to secure sponsorship from local and national organisations.

GTV’s audience includes about 6,500 Glyndŵr students, broadcasting to their friends and family throughout Wrexham and beyond, and to prospective students from all over the world.

Melanie Salisbury said: “GTV is a cost-effective advertising solution for organisations looking to attract the customer on their doorstep.  Attracting the student pound can be a lucrative endeavour in itself.”

Interested parties can contact for further information about the channel, the forthcoming presentation, sponsorship and advertising.

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