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Science centre at Wrexham Glyndwr University hosts world's first Hydrogen Hack event

7 September 2017


Photo: Andy Jones from Techniquest Glyndŵr helps Olivia McCabe (11 from Ellesmere Port) and Ellie Short (aged 9 from Hindley Green) with their idea ‘Night Pillow’ as part of the Hydrogen Hack event held at Techniquest Glyndŵr  

Seven lucky young people were selected by Arcola Energy to take part in a world first event being hosted locally by Science Discovery Centre, Techniquest Glyndŵr.

The Hydrogen Hack in Wrexham was part of a series of ten similar events taking place at various centres across the UK that had been organised by Arcola Energy.

Using various items provided in a special box of technical bits and pieces, including a working hydrogen cell to provide power, the 7 participants aged between 10 and 17 formed themselves into three teams to design and construct their idea utilising whatever objects they needed.

By the end of the week each team had produced a working prototype of their invention and by recording their efforts in a short video presentation were able to be included in the awards ceremony held at Ravensbourne University, North Greenwich, London.

‘Team Forest’, which included Olivia McCabe (aged 11 from Ellesmere Port) and Ellie Short (aged 9 from Hindley Green) with their Night Pillow, won a special mention from the judges at the awards ceremony.

The two other ideas that were designed and made by the groups at the Hydrogen Hack event included a smart bin that encouraged people to recycle their rubbish and a Funky Box which was able to produce a variety of light shows in response to a musical input.

During the week-long event the youngsters were treated to a special visit from a Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell which was visiting each of the Hydrogen Hack centres across the UK.

They were able to not only be able to see the car up close and find out how it worked, but also were taken for a ride in it to experience Hydrogen travel at first hand.

Cerian Farrant, from Techniquest Glyndŵr said: “I was really pleased to be able to involve our centre in this first ever Hydrogen Hack event and give local young people the opportunity to take part in this unique event.

"It was especially exciting to hear of the special mention that two young girls received at the awards ceremony with their ‘night pillow’ idea.

"This was a really creative, innovative and fun way for young people to learn more about clean energy and the role it plays in ensuring a sustainable future for everyone.

"I would like to especially thank Arlan Harris from Arcola Energy for his wonderful support to make the whole event happen, not only here at Techniquest Glyndŵr but at the other 9 centres across the UK.

"We look forward to hosting next year’s event once Arcola Energy has everything in place to make it happen."