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Wrexham Glyndwr University joins Education Workforce Council bid to increase research in education in Wales

10 March 2017

Wrexham Glyndwr University has joined a new initiative which is bidding to increase research in education within Wales.

The Education Workforce Council (EWC), the body which regulates education practitioners in Wales, is launching an all-Wales research group to promote more research in education and improve professional dialogue in the field.

Academics and education professionals from across the country will be invited to join the group which will meet in Cardiff.

Wrexham Glynd┼Ár University's John Luker said: "The EWC's all-Wales research engagement group represents an exciting opportunity for practitioners and academics to work together to improve our understanding of what is actually going on in educational settings across Wales at the moment.

“There are isolated pockets of excellent research activity being carried out by teachers and a range of other education practitioners which is rarely disseminated beyond the dissertation thesis sitting in a university library.

"The demands of the day job mean that most educators do not have the time or resources to share their important findings with the wider community in Wales. This is a great opportunity to improve practice and share some current excellent innovations in teaching.

“Developing research skills as a sound basis for evidence-informed practice will benefit all learners across Wales."

EWC Chair Angela Jardine said, "We're very excited about the establishment of a new research engagement group in Wales.

“It gives education professionals and prominent academics from across the country the opportunity to come together to stimulate interest and to get practitioners involved in research.

"We hope that the group will lead to increased interest in research and closer working between academics and practitioners, leading to a robust research community vital to a buoyant educational system.”

The group aims to bring representatives from several prominent further and higher education institutions together to expand the already growing field of education research in Wales.

For more information, call the Education Workforce Council on 02920 460 099 or e-mail