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Carbon Meets Silicon II exhibition opens at Wrexham Glyndwr University

22 September 2017


An exhibition which explores the changing face of art practice in the digital age has opened in Wrexham.

Carbon Meets Silicon II launched with a Private View on Monday 11 September at Oriel Sycharth Gallery.

The exhibition was part of the seventh International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA17), held at Wrexham Glyndwr University from Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 September.

It brings together the work of fifteen diverse artists, scientists and technologists working in a range of media who have all in some way collaborated via ideas with specialist outside of their immediate field of enquiry.

Co-curator Sue Liggett said: “I’m so proud of the collaborative elements we have in the exhibition, with artists from Chicago, Italy, Salford and Bristol all represented, reflecting the global nature of Carbon Meets Silicon.

“All of the artwork in the room is about making connections and every artist involved has collaborated in some way.”

The opening featured live performance art, with movements dependent on directions sent in via twitter.

The 15 artists selected for the exhibition include Antonio D’Amato, Daniel Buzzo, Don Braisby, David Dobson, Seiza Friedrich, localStyle (Jay Alan Yim and Marlena Novak), Manoli Moriary and Lucie Lee, Ioana Pioaru, Alan Summers and Chris Meigh-Andrew, John Swogger, Joanna Neil, Jon Weinel.

Fellow curator Mike Corcoran said: “We are so grateful to all the artists who have come here from all over the world. Their work is absolutely fantastic.

“We can attribute many of the problems in today’s world to ignorance. There are not many weapons you can use against ignorance but education is one. It’s about having an open mind and being willing to meet other people. Exhibitions such as this can make a small but significant contribution towards reducing ignorance in the world.”

Carbon Meets Silicon 2017 runs at Oriel Sycharth Gallery weekdays from 9am to 4.30pm until Friday 8 December.

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