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VC urges students to vote on EU future

19 May 2016


Students must not miss out on the chance to have their say on the future of Britain in Europe. 

Wrexham Glyndŵr University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Maria Hinfelaar, says younger voters in particular will have a major impact on the outcome when the EU referendum takes place on June 23.

The Dutch national, who spent several years working in academia in Ireland before joining WGU and considers herself a real European having lived and worked in three countries, is encouraging students at the Welsh institution to register before the June 7 deadline so that the “crucial decision” is not left purely in the hands of older generations.

A recent poll by Opinium suggested that the result could depend on whether enough young people turn out to vote.

It found that only half (52%) of 18 to–34 year-olds are certain to take part – the group most likely to want to remain in the EU.

Of this age range, 53% said they backed staying in, while 29% wanted to leave and the rest were uncertain.

Professor Hinfelaar said: “It is a concern that the number of students to have registered so far is low, and that the vote itself takes place when many have completed their studies and left university to go home for the summer - this means that even the ones who have registered may need to take action to amend their details.

“I would encourage them to visit the website as soon as possible and to not miss out on the chance to have their say in what will be a crucial decision for this country, not just for Britain but for Wales.

“Polls show that young people are in favour of staying in but if the turnout is low that will not be a fair reflection of public opinion, so I want to take this opportunity to encourage all Wrexham Glyndŵr University students to register to vote from home as soon as possible and make sure their voice is represented.”

Beth Button, President of NUS Wales, added: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to shape the UK's role in Europe. NUS Wales wants to see students turning out to vote to remain in Europe and this reflects the will of the student movement.”

Register to vote online at by June 7.