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Graduation 2016: Posthumous award for Eloise Parry

October 27 2016


The family of Wrexham Glyndwr University student Eloise Parry have accepted a posthumous award for the work she completed during her studies.

21-year-old Eloise, from Shrewsbury, was studying for an honours degree in Families and Childhood Studies when she died in hospital in April 2015.

Eloise, who would have graduated alongside her fellow students this week, was awarded a Diploma of Higher Education in Families and Childhood Studies. It was presented to her mother, Fiona Parry, in a ceremony at the William Aston Hall.

Fiona said: “Like every young person, Eloise was a complex and vibrant individual with many divergent aspects to her persona. She was capable of being both serious and funny, studious and trivial, sociable and private. A very ordinary person; but special to everyone who knew and loved her.

“The kindness and support that other people have shown us since Eloise died has been heart-warming and, as a family, we are very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to reach out to us.

“However, in terms of moving on and coming to terms with what happened, I think it is important to focus on the good and positive aspects of her life, and not to dwell on the bad things that happened.

“Remembering and celebrating her achievements is immensely helpful. It gives her life meaning.

“I am grateful that the University has recognised Eloise’s time at Glyndwr with a posthumous award, and feel very privileged that I have been allowed to receive it on her behalf.

“It is a wonderful acknowledgement of the work that she had completed in her time here.”

Fiona also thanked Glyndwr University for supporting Eloise through her studies.

She added: “Eloise’s time at Glyndwr University was a positive point in her life; choosing to enrol on the ‘Families and Childhood Studies’ course was a pivotal moment for her.

“She had found a focus, a purpose, something she wanted to do with her life and this qualification was going to be the key that unlocked the door and allowed her to follow her dreams.”

Ruth Davies, senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, taught Eloise at Wrexham Glyndwr University and said she always found time to help others.

Ruth said: “Ella was a vivacious, intelligent, diligent and kind person. While studying on the BA (Hons) Families and Childhood Studies programme Ella always participated fully in her studies, ensuring her work was to a very high standard. Ella also supported her peers in the group, and they likewise would try to support Ella.

“Ella would come and spend time talking to her lecturers on a regular basis and was a valued member of our student community. She has been missed by both students and staff.

“She should have been here today celebrating a first class honours degree, which I am certain she would have achieved.”

Marc Caldecott, former Wrexham Glyndwr University Student Union President, said: “Eloise was an active member of the Union. Just before her passing she had planned to take part in our Raising and Giving week.

“She was bright, very talented and always put others before her.”