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Students celebrate 1st in class award at Race of Remembrance 2015


A family car built to race in support of thousands of military personnel claimed 1st in Class in a 1000km endurance test on Remembrance weekend.

Glyndŵr University partnered with Tŵp Racing to become one of 45 starters on the grid for the 2015 Race of Remembrance at Anglesey Circuit.

Competing in the 1800CC cup, Team Tŵp’s modified Mazda MX-5 Mk1 won first in class, claiming the competition’s Normandy Cup in the process.

The Race of Remembrance was established by Mission Motorsport in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

This year’s event provided the 45 car grid – an eclectic mix of club races through to seasoned pro-teams – with the opportunity to compete for 1000kms, split overnight to allow both a night and day race.

Mission Motorsport aims to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations by providing opportunities through motorsport.

Students provided key support to Team Tŵp, modifying the vehicle ahead of the race and making final adjustments to get the car track ready over the weekend. Students were also responsible for running the pit crew for the weekend.

Olivier Durieux, senior lecturer in mechanical engineering at Glyndŵr University, said: “The most important part of the event was the Remembrance but we were obviously delighted to see the students help towards the car claiming first in class.

“We’re proud to be involved with Team Tŵp, who are providing students with excellent experience as they look to build a career within the motorsport industry.”

Team Tŵp is led by former British Army pilot Jon Earp, who forged a new career with Wales Air Ambulance after 23 years in the Armed Forces. In between work he organises the Race of Remembrance.

He spends the rest of the little time he has building and racing motors for Team Tŵp, a father/son team.

“The partnership between ourselves, Mission Motorsport and Glyndŵr University is special – we’re giving something back,” said Jon.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to go to university but wanted to help these people in their future careers. The relationship comes at no cost to the university and helps us to focus on the racing side.”

He added: “We wanted this to benefit the students, which it has through design and engineering, as well as helping the ex-servicemen and women who come to us via Mission Motorsport to re-engage, mentally and physically.

“It’s not about the motorsports or winning, we are in this purely to turn their lights back on for these guys.

"Once they’ve re-engaged then you can start helping them into a position where they can work and live their lives again, which is where the real victory lies.”

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