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University lecturer goes extra Miles with new crime thriller


An author has gone the extra mile with a fascinating new crime thriller.

Glynd┼Ár University English and Creative Writing lecturer Mike Miles is celebrating the publication of his latest book, An Uncommon Attorney.

Mike, who writes under the pen name Miles Craven, is enjoying another landmark – 10 years with the Wrexham institution.

A historical crime novel set in 18th century Yorkshire, An Uncommon Attorney is the first in a series of cases and adventures for 26 year-old old attorney, John Eagle.

After the death of his curmudgeonly partner, John is struggling to establish his practice; he is then put on the case of a prominent Leeds merchant and JP, who has been found mysteriously run through with his own sword.

It soon transpires that a number of individuals want the rich merchant dead.

Among an overlapping mosaic of suspects, including the murdered merchant’s son, disgruntled relatives of the people he put behind bars, and local radicals hell-bent on revolution, John resolves to go it alone.

Set against a volatile backdrop - France has executed its king, and war on Britain is declared one month later – Mike plans to release a sequel in the coming months if this series debut proves successful.

Writing under the name Miles Craven, the 59-year-old cites writing as his greatest passion and uses his love-hate relationship with the process to explore different ideas and methods in the university’s Creative Writing degree.

“There has been a long gestation period, and I’m hoping this is the first in a series of books for John Eagle,” said Mike, who hails from Leeds.

“He is a dynamic figure, a bright young action man in a world of older, status-conscience characters, many of whom resent his meddling.”

“There were no police at that time, magistrates were the arms of the law and because John is a magistrate’s clerk as well as a lawyer he helps his patron to solve the crimes.”

“Another magistrate from the city is run through with his own sword and there are several suspects. The implications are widespread and the murder goes to the heart of the nation’s capital.”

He added: “I’ve been writing for 30 years, but this is my favourite piece.”

“I like to weave crime into a historical context with lashings of realism and it all works well in the novel. I hope people enjoy it.”

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