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Students get their teeth into vampire movie premiere

 29 May 2013

The story of an accidental vampire who has a day job, a cat and falls in love will come to life on the big screen when a film receives its premiere in Wrexham this week.

‘Acceptance’ is the creation of Glyndwr University creative lens media students Gemma Jones and Dave Fisher. 

The film, based on a book which Gemma has been writing for six years, tells the story of Grace, a vampire who lives a normal life, despite having been dead for 50 years.

Acceptance has taken two years to produce and will receive its first showing at the North Wales School of Art and Design on Thursday at 6pm. 

Gemma, 28, originally of Flint but now living in Llandudno Junction, said: “Acceptance is about just that, accepting who you are no matter what. Grace is a little overweight, although not in the film, and not the prettiest girl in the world either.

“The film is supposed to deal with the Hollywood ideas about vampires. Not all of them are rich, powerful and extremely beautiful.

“Grace like most of us has a job she tolerates, a cat that demands constant attention and an awkward love interest, the only difference being that she needs blood to survive.”

Both filmmakers have overcome challenges including finding actors to fill roles and finding ways around lighting issues – as most of the film had to be shot at night with it being about a vampire.

“It’s really exciting to have reached the stage where we can finally show the film off,” said Gemma.

“It feels like finally all our hard work is beginning to pay off. I don't feel nervous at all about showing it off, it's 25 minutes long! That's why we wanted to have a premiere so we could show off what could be done if you put two determined heads together!”

A professional photographer for the past 10 years, Gemma is now hoping to combine her love of still images with film. 

She is currently working towards a new project which would see the creation of another horror flick using Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. 

“Dave and I would love to enter Acceptance into lots of festivals and competitions to see if we can win some awards,” said Gemma.

“And if not awards, at least get some good feedback.”

‘Acceptance’ premieres at the North Wales School of Art and Design, Regent St, Wrexham, at 6pm on Thursday.

Visit the film facebook page at or watch the trailer at

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