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Glyndŵr University involved in 2024 vision for Wrexham

9 April 2013 Main text with pic

Glyndŵr University has joined forces with some of the region’s biggest public sector bodies to set out a vision for what kind of place Wrexham should be by 2024.

‘Our Wrexham Plan 2013-2024’ has been drawn up by members of the Wrexham Local Service Board.

Other organisations involved include Wrexham County Borough Council, North Wales Police, North Wales Fire Service and AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham).

The group has established three priorities and associated benchmarks to measure whether goals have been achieved:

1.    Making Wrexham a place where people can live independently and are healthy and active

People living in Wrexham will ideally be healthier – drinking within recommended limits of alcohol, not smoking and not being overweight – in 11 years time. This will be achieved by people utilising the NHS and other local support groups.

2.    Making Wrexham a place with a strong, resilient and responsible economy

Households will have sufficient income, access to well-paid jobs, affordable childcare and the town will provide quality, long-term jobs, fuelled by a growth of new start-up businesses. Wrexham Council and local support groups will play a key role in this.

3.    Making Wrexham a place that’s safe and where everyone feels included

More people will volunteer, vote and feel safe in Wrexham; this will be contrasted against fewer crimes, fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour, fewer people using drugs and alcohol and fewer road traffic collisions.

A spokesman for Wrexham Local Service Board (LSB) said: “The LSB believes in Wrexham County Borough. And we will work together to make our services the best they can be for local people. Everyone in Wrexham can help make this plan happen by looking after their health and shouting about the good things across the county.”

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