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Clearing tips for students ahead of A Level results day

August 14 2013


Thousands of school and college leavers will wake up on Thursday to find that their A Level grades were not what they had hoped for.

But they will not be alone and shouldn’t panic; there are still options available through Clearing with Glyndŵr University.

As well as ‘kick-start’ foundation years the Wrexham-based University has £1,000 scholarships and opportunities to progress onto your chosen degree.

Julie Cowley, Head of Student Recruitment at Glyndŵr University said nerves will be stretched at households across the country but urged people not to panic.

She said: “It's important that students are familiar with the Clearing process as, in the event that they don't get the results they envisaged, a front-footed response can pay dividends in securing an alternative place at University.

“On the day, there will be thousands of students making fraught phone calls to admissions officers in an attempt to secure highly coveted places. 

“Last year, UCAS reported 25,000 courses offered through clearing. It can be a daunting task to those who are unsure of the process so contingency planning can really help streamline the process.”

Julie added: “First, students who have narrowly missed their firm or insurance places by a slight grade drop shouldn't be afraid to call the University directly and explain the situation. Universities can be sympathetic and teams of advisers will be able to offer guidance and give a decision, often immediately.

“Prospective students need to demonstrate determination and focus on getting their places at University on their own. Those who show the confidence and fortitude to chase places will often stand in good stead with admissions teams, who will appreciate the initiative.”

University is an important transitional period into adulthood and students should show confidence when applying, added Julie.

“Most universities can be flexible when it comes to grade requirements for admittance,” she said.

“Have confidence in your abilities. Don't dwell on what could have been and focus on the future. Not securing the expected grades might seem like the end of the world, but a swift, well-informed response can pay dividends in the long run.”

Clearing can become a daunting task so Glyndŵr University’s career advisers have the following tips to help streamline the process.

Make yourself available Be ready to focus on getting your place at University; showing the confidence to go after it yourself will put you in good stead with University admissions.  They will appreciate your initiative and ambition, so don’t rely on the help of parents to make those phone calls; if you want the place on the course, go after it.

Prior knowledge Make sure you’re familiar with what is available at before calling. The UCAS site will provide you with a list courses that have availability. Unfortunately due to higher tuition fees, the demand for University places is even greater, so be sure to read through the list prior to calling. Remember to ask yourself “are these courses what I’d really like to do?” You should be sure that the course is right for you and your career goals before you accept any offers that you receive.

Check your qualifications Most universities can be flexible when it comes to grade requirements to admittance, but for some courses certain subjects are key to the curriculum and are vital for securing your place on the course. Check you have the correct qualifications and experience before requesting a place on the course. This will avoid rejection and focus your efforts on courses you can get in.

Be prepared The Clearing process will call on you to have specific details at the ready, such as your UCAS PiD, your Clearing number, your exam results and your course choices. Be prepared and have any other assorted information that you feel might be needed on standby. It’s really important to have all this information ready before calling, because by the time you hang up to find it; someone may have taken your place! Universities will also appreciate your effort in being able to produce this information efficiently and quickly to help streamline the process.

Call the University  If you’ve just missed your place by a slight grade drop, don’t be afraid to call the University directly and explain. Universities will be sympathetic and teams of advisors will be able to offer you guidance to get you a decision as quick as they can, often immediately

For more information call Glyndŵr University’s admissions team on 01978 293439. Please have your UCAS Personal ID ready to quote.

For further details on Clearing visit our dedicated Clearing webpage. 


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