Charity number: 1142048

Glyndŵr University is a Higher Education Corporation which was established under the 1988 Education Reform Act in 1993 as the North East Wales Institute and which was granted its University title by The Lords of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council on 3rd July 2008.

Glyndŵr University is governed by Instrument and Articles of Government and, as stipulated in its Statement of Primary Responsibilities, the Board of Governors (OLD) is the principal, legal, financial and business authority of the University as well as the employing authority for all its staff. The University’s consolidated financial statements are made publically available.

The University's main campus is in Wrexham, North East Wales with campuses at Northop, St Asaph and London. The University works with a wide range of partners.

The University's administrative address is Plas Coch, Mold Road, Wrexham. LL11 2AW.

As with all Higher Education Institutions, the University has always been a charity, and its Governors are trustees, and therefore has always had to comply with charity law.

The University completed the registration process and was successfully registered with the Charity Commission in May 2011.