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Our seminar programme is varied and offers both specialist and non-specialist topics. In particular, the talks in our lunchtime seminar programme (those starting at 1pm) are intended to be accessible for a general audience in an informal setting. These will deal with relevant research subjects at different stages of development. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided and attendees are welcome to bring their own sandwiches, etc. with them.

Forthcoming seminars

Date and place Title Presenter
May 2011 TBA Some experiences at the interdisciplinary
margins of computing and communications
Professor Peter Excell
1pm 13th April 2011 room C112 Novel processing techniques for dynamic
surround sound music performance (abstract)
Seb Allemand

1pm 1st March 2011 room C112

High performance computing: experiences
and insights, plus updates on HPC Wales
and the Daresbury Hartree Centre

Professor Peter Excell

1pm 19th January
2011 Room LTa (Lecture Theatre A - Library)
A Digital Form Management System
Dr. Wei Guo
  Previous Seminars  
November 2010

The socio-economic impact of microblogging

Usability evaluation of a gesture-controlled
user interface

Beck Davies

Monir Bhuiyan

22 July 2010 New procedures for EPSRC proposals Vic Grout
27th April 2010
Cyberinfrastructure Developments for
Nevada Climate Change Research, Education and
Outreach: Challenges, Progress So Far, and
the Road Ahead
Sergiu Dascalu (Visiting Researcher)
University of Nevada, Reno, USA
19th January 2010 Medical Image Analysis to Detect Cancers Zhishun She
9th December 2009 Gesture controlled user interfaces for inclusive
design (abstract)
Monir Bhuiyan
19th November 2009 All Modern Music Sounds the Same! Stuart Cunningham
14th October 2009 Cross-layer QoS Support over Wireless Networks Ruizhi Liao
11th March 2009 Programming without Programs! (Abstract) Lyndon Evans
23rd February 2009 Efficient Video Delivery in Wireless Mesh Networks (Abstract) Wanching Tu
22nd January 2009 Mind the gap! (Different perspectives in Internet engineering) Vic Grout
4th December 2008 How hard can it be?
(An optimistic brush with computational complexity theory)
Vic Grout
18th November 2008 BCS 'Assistive Technologies' event
(including a talk from Dr. Kevin Doughty and a
demonstration of the Glyndwr EU EASY LINE+ project)
Kevin Doughty
British Computer Society (BCS)
18th November 2008 Fuzzy Optimisation Steve Caulder
16th October 2008 The Search for Optimal Routing Nigel Houlden
17th September 2008

A Drop of the Hard Stuff:
How Maxwell Created His Equations, What They Mean,
and How They Predicted the Discovery of Radio (Abstract)

Peter Excell
25th June 2008 Exploiting Repetition in Audio Compression Stuart Cunningham
28th May 2008 Mathematical Programming for Optimisation Mike Morgan & Vic Grout
7th January 2008 "Project management/Project failure" Nigel Houlden
21st November 2007 Ambient Intelligence for Assisted
Living (EU EASY LINE+ project)
Alexia Robinet, Armando Roy, John
McGinn, Rich Picking & Vic Grout
17th October 2007 "Ethics Special" - including "Ethics
Visualisation" and "Ethical Geometry"
Denise Oram (assisted by
John McGinn & Vic Grout)
4th July 2007 The Rough Guide to Conferences! Stuart Cunningham & Vic Grout
3rd May 2007 Do we need programmers any more? Vic Grout
12th January 2007 New Thoughts on HCI Design Rich Picking
24th October 2006 Data Archiving, Retrieval and Distribution
Adaptable and Collaborative Learning
e-Commerce Strategy
Dave Wilson
Nathan Roberts
Tarak Patel
25 May 2006 Computer Forensics John McGinn
20 April 2006 "Mind the Gap!" (The differences
between the theory and practice of
network algorithms)
Vic Grout
28th March 2006 Advanced Audio Compression Techniques Stuart Cunningham
8th March 2006 e-Business Systems Phil Drinkwater,
(University of Manchester)
6th December 2005 Remote-controlled Home Automation Systems
Reusable User Interface Components
Wireless Network Optimisation
Armando Roy Delgado
Max Mulawa
Mike Morgan
15th November 2005 Storage Area Networks Brian Jones
25th May 2005 Open Source/UNIX Research Platforms Mark Davies
13th May 2005 Skills Challenges in Educational Technology Paul Catherall
22nd March 2005 Watching the Network ... Work ... or not! John Davies
23rd February
Cultural Differences in Computing Mike Headon/Denise Oram
21st January
DAVIE - son of DAVE - A New Decision Tool John McGinn/Rich Picking
November 2004
Ethics and Professional Issues in IT

Ants in the Web!
Denise Oram

Vic Grout/Nigel Houlden
28th June 2004 Distributed Information Systems
Music File Formats featuring MusicXML
Fatima Mansour
Stuart Cunningham
24th May 2004 Network Performance Analysis
Adaptive Tutoring Techniques and
John Davies
Rich Hebblewhite
10th March 2004 Using Metaphors in Information
Social Modelling and Simulation
John McGinn & Rich Picking
Wez Edwards
23rd November 2003 Network Optimsation Vic Grout







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