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Director of Centre

Dr Rich Picking, BSc, MSc, PhD, FBCS
Human Computer Interaction, Technologies for Assisted Living, Cyber Security

Rich is a Reader in Human-Computer Interaction at Glyndwr, directing CAIR research into various aspects of interface accessibility and usability, with a particular emphasis on design for the elderly or disabled.

Deputy Director of Centre

Professor Vic Grout, BSc, PhD, FRSA, CMath FIMA, CEng FIET, CSci CITP FBCS, SMIEEE ...
Computational mathematics, Combinatorial optimisation and Network algorithms 

Vic is Professor of Network Algorithms, Academic Leader for Computing and Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise of the Institute of Arts, Science and Technology.  He has various research interests in Internet technologies and security.


Professor Peter Excell, BSc, PhD, CEng FIET, CITP FBCS, FHEA, AFRSPSoc, SMIEEE ...
Computational Simulation for Wireless Systems

Peter is Professor of Communications and Dean of the Institute of Arts, Science and Technology.  He has various interests in computing futurology.

Professor Graeme Wilkinson, BSc, ARCS, DPhil, MInstP CPhys, FBCS CITP, SMIEEE, FRSA
Satellite Remote Sensing

Graeme is Professor of Signal processing and Pro Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 

Visiting Professors

Professor Raed A Abd-Alhameed, BSc MSc, HDipMath PhD, FHEA MIET, CEng MIEEE
Electromagnetic field computation

Raed is Professor of Electromagnetics and Radio Frequency Engineering at Bradford University and Visiting Professor at Glyndwr.

Professor Rae Earnshaw, PhD FBCS FInstP FRSA CEng CPhys CITP
Mixed reality and technology

Rae is Visiting Professor of Creative Industries and Interactive Technologies at Glyndwr supporting research in computer graphics, visualization, multimedia, and digital media.

Professor Udo Bleimann
Internet-based learning and teaching

Udo, from the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt, Germany, is supporting Glyndwr research into Internet-based education.

Professor Terry Hewitt, BSc, CSci FBCS CITP, CMath FIMA, FEACG
High-performance computing

Terry is a Visiting Professor at Glyndwr, supporting research into high-performance computing, visualisation and grid computing.

Professor Christian Schröder, Dipl.-Phys., Dr. rer. nat.
Computational materials science, HPC and distributed computing

Christian, from the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany, is supporting Glyndwr research into high-performance and distributed computing.

Professor David Staton, BSc, PhD
Motor design software

David is a Visiting Professor at Glyndwr, advising CAIR on various aspects of industrial software integration and design methodologies.

Professor Luciano Tarricone, BSc, PhD,
High-performance computing for electromagnetics

Luciano is a Visiting Professor at Glyndwr, supporting research in the area of electromagnetic enabling technologies for intelligent systems and networks, the Internet of Smart Things, and applications of HPC to these areas.

Visiting Senior Fellow

Dr. Ingo Stengel, Dipl.Inform.(FH), M.Sc. by research, PhD, MZAI,
Computer and Internet security

Ingo is a visiting Senior Fellow, supporting research within joint PhDs. His areas of research are Computer & Internet Security, Media and Interdisciplinary Teaching.

Visiting Industrial/Research Fellows

Peter Sishton, BA, Dip CG, MBPS,
e-Skills UK

Peter has extensive experience of IT skills training and advises CAIR on various initiatives connected with bridging the gap between academic and industrial computing.

Dr Yunzhi Yan, BSc, MSc, DSc,
Stochastic analysis and optimization control for complex networks

Yunzhi joins us on a Leverhulme research grant and will be working on analysis and control for complex networks, where the complexity consists of uncertainties, randomicity, interaction, component failures, etc.

Visiting Researcher

Carlos Guerrero,
Web Performance Engineering, Web Caching and Web Optimization.

Carlos joins us as a visiting researcher from the University of the Balearics, Spain, working on network performance optimisation.

Research Supervisors

Photo to follow ... Dr. Clive Buckley

Clive is a Principal Lecturer in Computing at Glyndwr, specialising in e-learning systems development.

Dr Stuart Cunningham, BSc, MSc, PhD, FBCS CITP, MIET, MIEEE
Audio compression techniques

Stuart is Academic Leader for Creative Industries, Media and Performance at Glyndwr. He has research interests in all things music and audio related.

Denise Oram Denise Oram, BA, MSc, PGCEHE, FHEA, MBCS
Information systems ethics 

Denise is a Glyndwr Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow with specialist interests in cultural differences relating to I.T. and computing ethics.

John Poulton, BSc, MSc, CertEd, FHEA, FBCS
Teaching and learning in IT and computing 

John is the Associate Dean of the Institute of Health, Medical Sciences and Society, researching teaching and learning, with a particular emphasis on assessment methods. 

Dr Zhishun She, BEng, MEng, PhD, MIET
Imaging systems and analysis techniques

Zhishun is a Reader in Engineering. His work includes synthetic aperture radar imagery and multiple pass radar image processing. 

Dr Wanching Tu, BEE, MSc, PhD, MIEEE
Networks and wireless networks 

Wanching is a Lecturer in Computing at Glyndwr with research interests across several fields of networking and wireless communication.

John Worden, BSc, MSc

John is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Glyndwr with research interests in various areas of e-commerce.

Mike Wright, BEng, MSc, MIET, MRA
Music processing and audio electronics 

Mike is a Glyndwr Principal Lecturer, with interests in various Sound Broadcast fields.

Research Staff

Stephen Caulder, BSc, MSc, CPhys MInstP, MBCS, MIEEE
Algorithms and security

Stephen is a Glyndwr Lecturer, registered for a PhD, with interests in various aspects of computational intelligence and network security. 

John Davies, BSc, MIET
Network performance and management, Security

John is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Glyndwr, researching access control list (packet filter) optimisation for his PhD.

Mike Headon Mike Headon, BSc, MSc, MBCS
Information systems 

Mike is a consultant researcher, advising the group on various aspects of procedure and quality.

Richard Hebblewhite, BSc
Intelligent user interface design 

Richard is a Senior Lecturer in Computing, researching adaptive tutoring and assessment systems. Additional research interests include game oriented artificial intelligence and ethics.

Colin Heron, BA
Music technology 

Colin is a Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr, researching the impact of the Internet and new media on the music industry 

Nigel Houlden, BSc, CITP MBCS
Internet Routing Protocols and optimisation, Network security

Nigel is a Glyndwr Senior Computing Lecturer, registered for a PhD to research into improved routing algorithms using advanced optimisation techniques.

Bindu Jose Bindu Jose, BSc, MBCS

Bindu's research is concerned with various aspects of database design and management.  She is a Senior Lecturer in Computing.

John McGinn, BSc, MBCS, MIET
Information visualisation and networks

John is a consultant researcher, advising the group on various aspects of visualisation techniques and network security issues.

Nathan Roberts, BSc, MBCS
Serious Games and Virtual learning environments

A Glyndwr Computing lecturer, Nathan's research uses adaptable learning environments to enhance collaborative learning through online evaluation, mentoring and interactive scenarios. 

Richard Smith, BSc
Musical acoustics 

Richard is a Communications Technology Lecturer, researching for an MPhil/PhD in the area of acoustic behaviour of performance spaces. 

Research Associates

Dr. Wei Guo
GPS Systems

Wei is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate, researching practical GPS systems with TrackYou Ltd.. 

Denise Oram Dr. Mike Morgan, BSc, PhD
Wireless and optical network optimisation 

Mike has recently completed his PhD at Glyndwr, investigating and testing meta-heuristics for designing wireless and optical networks.

Dr Karim Mohammed Rezaul, BSc, MSc, PhD
Long-range dependent network traffic

Karim has recently completed his PhD into measurement and control of self-similar network traffic. 

Research Students

Photo to follow Seb Allemand

Details to follow. 

Monir Bhuiyan, BSc, MSc, MBCS
Gesture Controlled User Interfaces

Monir is a PhD student researching mobile web accessibility including gesture controlled communication aids for elderly & disabled people. 

Clare Buckley, BSc
Women in I.T.

Clare's research interests cover various topics concerning women in computing education and employment. 

Paul Comerford, BSc
Holistic Packet Filtering

Paul is an MPhil/PhD researcher investigating domain-wide access control lists and integrated security. 

Beck Davies, BSc, MSc

Beck is a part-time lecturer and PhD researcher investigating the socio-economic impact of online commerce. 

Lyndon Evans, BSc, AMBCS, MIET
Software Integration

Lyndon is a Glyndwr graduate and BCS prize-winner, investigating methodologies for integrating disparate software packages as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate. 

Debbie Garside

Debbie is the First Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship (POWIS) PhD researcher, investigating language, human visual perception and internet technologies with particular emphasis on cyber security solutions. 

Photo to follow Denis Kostenko, BSc, MSc
ERP Systems Optimisation

Denis, from Moscow State University is working towards a PhD in Optimising Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. 

Mathias Kreider, Dipl.Ing.El
High-precision timing systems

Mathias is an Application Engineer at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research working on the European FAIR project. 

Fatima Mansour Fatima Mansour, BSc, MPhil

Fatima is a PhD student at Glyndwr, researching holistic visualisation of distributed knowledge.

Max Mulawa, BSc, MPhil
Reusable interface components 

Max has recently completed his MPhil research investigating definitions of development standards for reusable user interface components.

Noah Olaolu Folorunsho, BSc, MSC, MPIS
Internet Applications’ Performance and Optimisation

Noah is a PhD Researcher in IP-based broadcasting and Internet radio optimisation. He also researches into software engineering code optimisation and decision support systems optimisation.

Christian Benjamin Ries, Dipl.-Ing.(FH), MSc
Information Technology, Optimization and Simulation

Christian, from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences is working towards a PhD in Computer Engineering. His research covers model-driven engineering, high-performance and distributed computing. 

Alexia Robinet, BSc
Usability and interface design

Alexia is a PhD researcher in Computing, researching user interfaces within ambient intelligence systems. 

Photo to follow Kevin Rogers
LEDs and Lasers

Kevin is a Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarship (POWIS) PhD researcher, studying the Development of light emitting diode and laser diode output homogenisation systems. 

Ian Sturrock
Game design

Ian is a professional games developer working towards a PhD in motivation in game-play and game design. 

Photo to follow Paul Vertannes
Telecommunications Systems Regulation

Paul is investigating the concept of the 'Installation' in Regulation of Telecommunications Systems: an Analytical Approach to Management of Compliance over the Life Cycle. 

Research Administration

Photo to follow Hayley Dennis
Programme Administrator, Postgraduate Research
Photo to follow Nikki Johnson
Senior Programme Administrator, Postgraduate Research
  Julia Wainwright
Administrative Assistant, Graduate School

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