Twice as Bright


21 September – 2 October 2015


Private View Monday 21 September 6-8pm.


This exhibition features a small group of students completing their studies – the last to do so in these MA programmes in 2015. It follows hard on the heels of Tyger Bright, an exhibition of works in progress from part one of the taught master’s degrees in art and design subjects at Glyndwr University’s North Wales School of Art and Design, shown throughout July and August.


Although this group is small the diversity of their interests is expansive. Each has wrestled with their own postgraduate challenge. Through their work, imagination and researches they have found what lay beyond their initial degrees. The easy things, and the familiar things, have all been used up by this point, and their latest  endeavours locate and address less easy and unfamiliar matters. They could have reverted to what they already know and what they already know they can do – played it safe, and hoped to attain a pass – but no one has opted for that route. It would have been disappointing for them and for us if they had. Instead we can see the search for new thoughts about the communication of ideas through visual means. The programme demands it.


This exhibition is comparatively short in duration, but we hope it does not reflect attitudes towards it – it is a glimpse into the minds of our next generation of artists and designers and the narratives that sustain their particular and peculiar creativity.