The Art of Function

28 April – 9 September 2010

The Art of Function brings together 12 artists who individually or through collaboration have questioned the functional in art. This exhibition included artists with diverse practices using a wide-range of media. These works often thought-provoking, sometimes playful are combinations of art objects and functional objects, some made specifically and some modified. Several of the artists have utilised or considered an everyday item – such as a shelf, a desk, a rug, a painting table or wallpaper. Will Mclean decided to compose the text for the poster of the exhibition allowing functional text to exist as artwork. Paul Carr produced a series of radio programmes which were broadcast on Glyndŵr University's Calon FM, Ichia Wu designed and made a notional calendar for 2037. 


To reverse the grammatical structure or syntactical logic of a linguistic proposition can be a helpful test as to its usefulness. Writer Mel Gooding, whilst attending a percent-for-arts do-good-orama (crumbs for art), asked what exactly someone meant by ‘Centre of Excellence’, as a ‘Periphery of Mediocrity’ wouldn’t seem an obvious ambition. In those terms ‘The Art of Function’ or ‘The Function of Art’ are both conceptually successful whilst pertaining to slightly different things.


Paul Carr
Paul Corcoran  
Corinne Felgate  
Janne Malmros
Bruce McClean
Will McClean  
Meg Shirayama  
Estelle Thompson
John Walter
Gary Woodley  
Ichia Wu
Toby Ziegler  

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Unfold (JMalmros)
Plywood, polypropylene, oil paint, wax pigment
Screen printed wallpaper with 3D element
Birch plywood
Acrylic on chestnut