Tales, Travel and Tolerance


26 April - 27 June 2016


Private View Tuesday 26 April 5-7pm


This exhibition brings together three contemporary artist photographers; Karolina Skorek, Chris Clunn and Jack Scott, to reflect and celebrate the diversity and potential within photography that exists today.


Karolina Skorek will show both the Golden Goddess and Heathland works from a series she calls Tales. Born in Poland, these tales are a mixture of history, and mythology, hugely influenced by her Slavic cultural background, and personal belief system.  Karolina says - Everything had purpose and meaning. All of those stories had strong female characters in them; wise women who knew how to heal with herbs and energy, goddesses, fairies, spirits and many more. Everything was in perfect balance.


Chris Clunn will show a selection of photographs from his travel series Herne Bay to Mandalay. Chris has travelled extensively, capturing the world around him through photographs. As Shaun O’Hagan aptly said of Chris - He is often a chronicler of things that are under threat from progress or slipping into history before our very eyes, except that we would probably not notice their passing – or their uniqueness – were it not for the evidence of these photographs, each one a permanent record, a reminder.
Jack Scott’s large photographic Installation Tolerance is the culmination of a series of images that address the religious persecution suffered by Muslim women in the Western world.  Jack says - This project was developed from discussions with the model, and it is intended to depict her personal experiences of abuse and harassment that have unfortunately become part of routine life for Muslim women, living in the United Kingdom.

Guamote by Chris Clunn