Not Over Yet


Private View 29 June 2017  6-8pm


Works in Process exhibits student work across a range of disciplines, studying towards their Master of Arts Degree in Art Practice and Design Practice.  The exhibitors are about half way through their studies at Glyndwr University’s School of Creative Arts, and unlike most exhibitions you may have seen previously, we continue our tradition of showing our works in process, unlike others who exhibit the final “polished” results upon completion of study.

This is an important difference in understanding our philosophy – we are not a “finishing school” for artists and designers.  The objects and images that are produced are the answers, (as we currently understand them to be), to the questions we are asking of our practices; whether the work is pleasing, unsettling, irritating, unexpected or delightful is of no consequence to us at this point on our programme.  The students are liberated from the expectation of working only for a predetermined outcome, and are free to think about possible answers to the problems they have identified.  The result of their effort is knowledge; the by-product of this knowledge is what we have displayed on the walls of Oriel Sycharth Gallery.  By developing the students way of thinking, the benefits of the study will out-live the attention given to the objects and images; as the train of thought ploughs onward, generating new variants of art and design practice.


Work in Process exhibition is followed up in Mid August by another exhibition featuring those students who have reached the end of this period of study with us, but who stand at the beginning of a different challenge – to keep thinking like an artist or designer in their next phase of development.