Mezzo Tempo

23 October – 18 January 2010

This exhibition includes the work of three emerging women artists, Francesa Anfossi, Sarah Bowker-Jones and Daniele Genadry.  Born in Italy, Lebanon, and Wales their experience of culture and identity is internationally diverse - whilst sharing an interest in the depiction of habitat, history and the exotic.  Using a variety of found images and a broad range of materials, their work transforms what might be considered generic, into the evocative.  Inspired by these different backgrounds and using fragments of experienced and imagined landsapes they create potential utopias.  Mezzo Tempo acts as an imaginary island 'full of forests of orange trees, pomegranate and jasmine that grow twenty times faster than they would in Europe'.


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Francesca Anfossi works mainly with found footage, imagery mostly coming from postcards.  With these she creates objects, collages, videos and pictures that enhance the idealized, dreamlike versions of reality of depicted places.  Anfossi does this in a playful, explorative way and this creates fantastic landscapes that amplify the often-overlooked subtleties in naturally occurring scenes.  Anfossi lives and works in London she was shortlisted for the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award 2010.


Sarah Bowker-Jones sees the act of drawing at the core of her practice, whether working in two or three dimensions.  Using a process based simultaneously in system and play, she combines material from aluminium foil to cat litter in works that hover between painting and sculpture.  Bowker-Jones was born in North Wales and she lives and works in London.  She exhibited at CAVE part of the Liverpool Biennial 2012.


Daniele Genadry is interested in a picture as an icon of a place or experience.  Her recent work is based on the repetition and layering of found landscape images, using a combination of paint and print techniques.  She travels between Hanover, Rome, Beirut and London, to create landscapes or ‘mappings’ that reflect this nomadic diverse travel experiencel.  Genadry was born in Baltimore, Maryland and currently lives in New York where she is Resident Artist at Keyholder, Lower East Side Printshop. In 2011 she was awarded the Vytlacil Residency, Sparkill, and the NARS Foundation, Artist in Residence, Brooklyn.



A 36 page colour catalogue Mezzo Tempo was produced to celebrate the exhibition.

Francesca Anfossi
Sarah Bowker-Jones
Sarah Bowker-Jones
Daniele Grenardy - The collision of memory and moment (II), 2009
Screenprint on plastic

Daniele Grenardy - Between Saida and Sur (blue), 2009
Screenprint and laser print on paper and tracing paper